Bo Dallas will conquer the WWE with his Bodog finishing moves

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Bo Dallas will conquer the WWE with his Bodog finishing movesBo Dallas is an inspiration to us all. Some of you might not know who he is but that’s ok. Some of you might not even be fans of the WWE or you’ve been too busy with your lives to notice. Again, that’s okay. But we encourage you to watch an episode of Raw or Smackdown to see Bo Dallas in action.

Allow us then the courtesy of introducing our guy and new main man, Bo Dallas. Bo’s a WWE wrestler and a pretty good one. He’s undefeated. Depending on who you ask, Bo either has 9-and-Bo record, a 10-and-Bo record, or whatever number pops in your head. What’s important here is Bo is one of the most talented young wrestlers to comes into the WWE in recent memory.

But Bo’s more than just a talent; he’s an inspiration. His “Bo-Lieve!” catchphrase has inspired fans from Bolivia to Botswana. Forget about Jack Nicholson because Bo Dallas makes us want to be better men.

And lest we forget, Bo Dallas proudly carries the ‘Bodog’ name by coining it as his finishing move, which is some combination of springboard bulldog off the top rope. We think it’s a beautiful move. The execution is exquisite and noBOdy has been able to kick out of it.

The name just rolls of the tongue so fa-BO-lously.

Say it with me: Bodog! Bodog! Bodog!

It’s free promotion at its best, something fans of the WWE Bo-niverse will continue to see and hear as Bo tears through the ranks on his way to superstardom.

Can you imagine Bo Dallas skyrocketing up the WWE ladder like he’s poised to be, headlines WrestleMania XXXI and then beats John Cena using the Bodog to become the undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world?

It would be the greatest thing to happen in the WWE since Vince McMahon decided to get rid of his toupee.

It could happen, you know. Bo’s that awesome and with the Bodog in his arsenal, the sky’s the limit for our new favorite WWE superstar.

Rest assured, when he gets a crack at that title, we’re going to be the first and loudest ones to cheer Bo Dallas to victory.

All we need to do is Bo-lieve!


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