Bettors cash in on Luis Suarez’s Bite-a-Palooza

Bettors cash in on Luis Suarez's Bite-a-Palooza

Bettors cash in on Luis Suarez's Bite-a-PaloozaLuis Suarez is the scourge of football these days. But don’t tell that to the bettors who cashed in huge because of his latest chomping of an opponent’s body part. For these guys, Suarez is their conquering hero, a beacon of generosity who took one for their cause, allowing them to win huge sums of money on 175/1 odds that he would bite someone during the World Cup.

All hail Cannibal Suarez!

Swedish betting site Betsson told ESPN that 167 gamblers put money down on their site that Suarez would, in fact, bite an opponent at the World Cup. One bettor, Norwegian Thomas Syversen, placed a 32-krone bet ($5.25) on that specific proand he walked away with 5,600 NOK or about $916 based on current exchange rates.

But Syversen wasn’t even the biggest winner of the prop. According to Betsson, another Norwegian took home $3,300. The site didn’t disclose his name, as per company policy but you know that person likely has had a pretty darn good week.

So for those excoriating Luis Suarez for his latest act of lunacy, understand that not everybody was disgusted by him putting his fangs on the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

It’s still a despicable act that has no place in sports but at least some people made good money out of it. You can’t blame them for at least letting out a whoop! because Suarez just couldn’t help himself to a piece of Chiellini’s meat