Paddy Power ads rated and slated

paddy power logoSince the beginning of the year, Paddy Power has been on the warpath. The launch of their “We Hear You” campaign has seen them provoke the ire of transgendered ladies, chavs and maybe even UEFA to name but a few. For all the requests on their Facebook page we’ve yet to see any get the basketcase of adverts together and rank them. Here goes nothing…

7. Relocation

Anyone that has ever bet against their own team – most of the sports betting population of the world – will sympathize with Greg Townsend feeling “a bit dirty” after betting against his own team. He’s probably the only person that has jumped the country and had to support a side called Athletico Kebab though.

Views: 15,547

Score: 1/5 – Doesn’t come close to some of their other efforts

6. Blipp The Queen

The Queen joins Paddy Power’s team in the latest video and is wearing her very favorite £10 note costume. With the help of Blipper, this is the only advert out of the lot to use augmented reality (AR) to make the Queen bark out odds.

Views: 218

Our score: 2/5 – Extra points for innovation but it didn’t make us laugh enough.

5. Vuvuzela Truck

The countdown to the Euros has seen Paddy go ad crazy and this is one we definitely want a piece of. It features a mobile vuvuzela being driven around Ukraine before it LITERALLY causes three tower blocks to fall down due to its epic sound. I think everyone in the whole of Ukraine hears you Paddy.

Views: 13,701

Our score: 3/5 – Disappointing view count but we’d love to own one ourselves

4. Goal Line Technology

It starts off with images of hot girls dancing in a generic “Poland Ukraine” club with the voice-over promising to make sure the boys behave. Don’t worry the solution wasn’t castration. Instead they invent “goal line technology” that will detect when England’s “stars” try and get some Eastern European nookie. It even comes complete with a lab technician sniffing his fingers whilst trying it out. It’s ok mate we know you’re still a virgin. Secret’s safe with us!

Views: 223,817

Our score: 3.5/5 – Funny and to the point. Shouldn’t be getting in the way of their carryin’ on though!

3. Chav Tranquilizer

This was shortly after the controversial ladies day ad (more about that later) and tackled the presence of unsavoury characters at the races. A doctor, who looked rather like a man you wouldn’t sit next to on a bus, went round shooting people with a tranquilizer gun to knock them out for the day.

Views: 1.6m

Our score: 4/5 – Great idea and lots of views to go with.

2. England Team Bonding

This is almost the best of the lot because you could actually see the England side doing this. The highlight is Frank Lampard’s frantic dancing and the appearance of Mario Balotelli in trademark sulking pose towards the end.

Views: 344,122

Our score: 4.5/5 – Haven’t seen anywhere enough of it on the TV.

1. Ladies Day

If the favorite was judged on views and controversy then this would win hands down. So it…urrm…wins. The advert managed to upset a number of transgender charities, transgenders and shit loads of people that are lacking in the sense of humor department. All this, and the ad being pulled, was valuable publicity for Paddy.

Views: 647,102

Our score: 5/5 – This one got has the humor, the views, and publicity wise it got the job done.

Here’s the winner in all it’s glory…