Footie fans cheat at worst football ground toilets competition to win loo makeover

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Soccer urinal

Could this be a winning prize of the makeover competition?

Which English football ground has the most repulsive stinking toilets? Well, nearly all of them it seems.

Footie fans across England showed just how passionate they feel about the state of their favourite soccer club’s public conveniences that they have been cheating in a competition to establish the worse.

The Biggest Loosers competition was temporarily suspended over allegations of vote-rigging, after it was found that some fans had voted up to 30 times in an effort to win and thus secure the prize – a £100,000 toilet makeover for their club. It goes to show what a bad state these clubs’ loos must be in.

In a report by Manchester Evening News, the chief executive of Oldham, Alan Hardy, said: “They had to cancel it because people were cheating. I think some fans were voting more than 30 times.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for us. The money has just not been there in the past to revamp the toilets. I have been here for 31 years and some of the toilets are still the same now as they were then. I would urge all of our fans to get voting.”

The competition’s spokeswoman, Janet Bentick, told the paper: “It became clear quite quickly that some fans had managed to get around the security checks and were making multiple votes for their team.

“I suppose it is testament to how passionately they feel about having new facilities installed at their clubs but it breached our terms and conditions. We are back up and running now and we are confident this won’t happen again.”

In the competition, Oldham is up against other footie clubs: Aldershot Town, Barnsley, Barrow, Bradford City, Ebbsfleet United, Exeter City, Plymouth Argyle, Scunthorpe United and Sheffield United.

The poll has now been reopened and will remain open until 5 January, so if you’re a footie fan that’s tired of hovering when you get caught short at half time, or have to close your eyes while peeing on a pile stinking turds that have been blocking up the lav for weeks  – get voting. The winners will be announced in February.


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