Spain confirms four companies; Betfair new casino and ad; Latest in the whip row

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spanish flagFour companies have so far confirmed that they will be dancing to the beat of the Spanish flamenco when the market opens up. posted an update that identified that Bwin, Cirsa, Ladbrokes and Sportingbet have all confirmed that they will be applying for a license in the newly regulated market. If the market performs anywhere near as well as its sports team then they could be in for quite a treat. Unfortunately due to the high rate of gross profit tax (25%), it could be more on line with a stuttering England performance than the Spanish juggernaut. We shall see come December and this will follow a lowdown on the plans at next month’s iGB Espana gaming conference. Good luck with the hangover.

Betfair is one of those that haven’t signaled their intentions in Spain and we’re assuming that’s because they’ve been so busy making their new advert. Released today, it features Will Greenwood and Michael Vaughan telling us just how good it is. How it will hit us for six and convert us to fans straight away. There’s no way we’ll be stumped. No need for a scrum. Alright, alright. We know. That’s enough with the sporting links. The advert will run for 12 weeks and be broadcast in the UK, Sweden and Denmark. It aims to promote Betfair’s addition of the live dealer tables that’s beginning to become commonplace on all sites. We’ll have to wait and see if they’re as knockout looking as the Bodog88 models.

The jockeys have responded in the row over whip rules that threaten to engulf the sport of small people. Professional Jockeys Association chairman Kevin Darley issued a statement that said: “What Jockeys do have concerns about [however], are the new penalties for what they perceive to be relatively minor infringements of the rules,” he said. “The PJA believes very strongly that this aspect needs to be re-considered.”

We are pretty sure that most other sport doesn’t allow you to whack something with a stick to make it go faster. It’s what Roberto Mancini can only dream of doing to Carlos Tevez. What’s that? There’s more? Take it away Kev.

He stressed, “Jockeys understood how important it is that the sport of racing conveys the correct message about horse welfare to the public.”

Forgive us if we’re a bit stumped by this one. They understand the animal welfare perception that the public needs to see but want the punishments weakened for what could amount to minor cruelty. No wonder the neigh-sayers are starting to come out against jockey Richard Hughes. One thing is for sure: this whip row is far from kinky.


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