Victoria awards lengthy monitoring license to Intralot

intralot czech completion logoVictoria state’s Coalition Government has confirmed that it will award a new fifteen-year electronic gaming machine (EGM) monitoring licence to Intralot Gaming Services.

Intralot will provide the electronic monitoring system for all hotel and club gaming machines in Victoria from August 2012. The EGM Monitoring Licence also requires the provision of data and information on gaming machines for regulatory, taxation and research purposes.

Victoria’s Minister for Gaming, Michael O’Brien said in the release about the decision, “I would like to thank both IGS and Maxgaming Vic Pty Ltd (Tatts) for their participation in this process…I have accepted the Secretary’s recommendation that, based on the assessments, it is in the public interest that IGS’s application for the monitoring licence be granted…IGS’s bid offered a fair and competitive pricing model and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions of the monitoring licence and related agreement.”

With the final license awarded to Intralot as part of the restructure of Victoria’s gambling industry, Tatts Group said that its association with gaming in Victoria will end completely once the new monitoring operator’s system has been completed in August of 2012.

O’Brien expressed his confidence in Intralot and added that the “The system will monitor the integrity of all gaming machine transactions…The VCGR will continue to monitor the overall integrity of gaming in Victoria.”