Intralot taps into Microsoft Azure to enhance its digital ops


Lottery and gaming technology company Intralot has seen its ups and downs over the past couple of years and wants to iron out some of the rough spots. In order to do this, it believes a new partnership with Microsoft will provide the difference. The company announced a couple of days ago that it is going to begin to use Microsoft Azure to help it implement new business innovation strategies through better digital technology. 

intralot-taps-into-microsoft-azure-to-enhance-its-digital-opsWith the help of the Azure cloud-based platform, Intralot looks to change the paradigm of how it currently conducts business. It is introducing new product lines, Lotos X and Intralot Orion, that will employ Azure’s power to increase their operational efficiency and help them receive quicker adaption in the gaming world. Lotos X is a product line designed for retail and Internet-based lotteries, while Orion targets the sports gambling segment by offering a cloud-based solution that can result in a shorter ramp-up period and immediate scalability. 

In teaming up with Microsoft, Intralot expects major changes to be introduced in order to help the company be able to respond quicker to the constantly evolving gaming space. Dr. Chris Dimitriadis, the CEO of Intralot Group, asserts, “We are delighted to partner with Microsoft as we accelerate the execution of our strategy in transforming the industries that we serve through digital technology. Lotos X and INTRALOT Orion are designed for building ecosystems around them, for rapidly achieving a diversified portfolio of gaming offerings, and for scaling to meet the new demand created by players and operators. Our products in Microsoft Azure open the way for an unlimited set of opportunities for gaming operators.”

The jump to cloud-based operations is not uncommon in the business world, and especially not in the iGaming segment. Where multiple regions and destinations are served by a single entity, using the cloud gives a huge advantage to ensure the operations run smoothly and consistently. Azure’s inherent scalability means easier adoption and fewer configuration requirements, allowing companies to transition with limited breaks in continuity. 

Microsoft CEO Greece, Cyprus and Malta Theodosis Michalopoulos sees Azure as a great opportunity for Intralot to take a huge step forward. He explains, “Our collaboration with INTRALOT is a milestone that reflects how technology can fuel the growth and strategic vision of a large group, leading gaming operations. Microsoft Azure is designed to help organizations meet their business challenges and to empower their successful navigation in a rapidly changing environment.”