Sweden to go paperless with lottery options

Purple lottery game in close-up with different colored balls with numbers

Purple lottery game in close-up with different colored balls with numbers

For those who can pick up on the subtleties and envision the larger picture, they can see that major changes are coming to the global gaming space. The shift won’t happen overnight, but, when the gaming industry looks back ten years from now, it’s going to see a completely different environment. The latest hint of what’s to come is being provided by Svenska Spel in Sweden, which is now testing paperless lottery ticket purchases. The move to a more digital-focused gaming ecosystem continues.

Svenska Spel has teamed up with a local convenience store chain, Pressbyrån, to introduce a pilot program that will use “coupon free” lottery purchases. In four of the company’s stores – those in Kalma, Jönköping, Östersund and Stockholm, lottery players will be able to select their numbers and have them registered through digital devices that are connected to Svenska Spel’s network, foregoing the printing of any ticket stubs to be carried around in wallets.

Upon registering through the system with Svenska Spel’s system, which will require players to verify themselves with their social security numbers, the lottery numbers will then be stored in the player’s own digital account. Explains Svenska Spel’s Torgny Lilja, “We had a meeting with [Pressbyrån operator] Reitan about a year ago where we presented the self-service screens connected to a new surface-efficient platform. Reitan felt that this should suit their customers and staff. The advantage for Pressbyrån’s employees is that they also save time by not having to top up coupons and update campaign material.”

That study revealed that the physical lottery machines are starting to become more of a nuisance than an aid for retailers. They take up too much space and require employees to be involved in the issuance and processing of tickets, taking away valuable time that could be spent helping other customers. It also frees up counter space that could be used for other products or services.

Another goal of the program is to see Svenska Spel become the first lottery operator in Europe to be completely paperless, which would help Sweden’s initiative to become more eco-friendly. The odds are good that the program will succeed in all regards, as recent studies have shown how Swedes are now more attracted to digital solutions than ever before. Partly as a result of COVID-19, Svenska Spel saw a substantial uptick in its digital gaming performance this year and, as online continues to become more popular, it will ultimately lead to the digital segment becoming stronger than the retail segment for all gaming operations.