Flat racing jockeys face life bans

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Flat racing fixingOver the past week or so it has emerged that several big name jockeys on the flat racing circuit are likely to face charges over race fixing. The bans can range from eight years all the way up to a lifetime ban from the “sport of Kings”.

The Guardian reports that courses have been buzzing with rumors of who the perpetrators are for days and it’s understood that as many as five licensed Flat jockeys are suspected of being involved.

It’s not the first time that a race fixing scandal has hit the sport and the last major investigation in 2006 saw the City of London police embark on a two and a half year inquiry. The charges back then weren’t anywhere near as harsh as the ones that will be imposed by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

A spokesperson for the BHA said: “It would be inappropriate to comment on individual investigations.”

Another story in the Daily Telegraph also reports that the jockeys involved are thought to have pocketed around £5,000 a time on races that were illegally altered.

Details on any of the jockeys involved and how much fixing actually went on are rather hazy but anyone found guilty is likely to receive the highest ban available and left with a tattered career.

It might be as long as four weeks before any charges are actually brought to the fore as the BHA continues to evaluate the evidence that they’ve collected. This includes a number of interviews with the five jockeys involved.


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