Tier-x and social media allow poker players to earn money while not playing

tierx-social-media-pokerEverybody’s trying to harness the power of social media networks these days, and Israeli software firm Valueshine is hoping its Tier-x software will help change the way online poker rooms market themselves. Launched in January, Tier-x aims to transform each customer into a self-motivated brand evangelist/affiliate via their individual social media network.

Tier-x’s first gaming client is NoblePoker.com, and the product they created is called the Noble Partners Program. It’s essentially a ‘refer a friend’ program, but instead of rewarding participants with a one-off bonus, players who convince their social media friends to sign up earn a percentage of those new players’ rake every month. If those friends convince other friends, you earn a percentage of their rake as well. Up to three ‘generations’ of social friends will earn you income in this fashion. Let’s see, so that’s my brother, Dad and Grandma Ophelia all earning me bank this month. Score!