Five things you need to stand out in the world of social media


If you are a brand today, there’s zero chance that you’ll have no social media presence. Social media can be the difference in creating the right kind of online buzz that can drive traffic from your social media platforms to your website. A killer piece of content and a creative heading can encapsulate the essence of your brands – all within a 280-character limit.

Five-things-you-need-to-stand-out-in-the-world-of-social-mediaBut creating the right kind of online hype can be a massive anchor on office productivity and sometimes cause a few headaches in the office. One wrong tweet or post can cause a social media disaster that could be the death of your brand and online reputation. Standing out in the digital cosmos doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort, and a few carefully crafted pieces of content can potentially help your brand stand out like its Superbowl Sunday.

Make Your Presence Known

Social media presence is like fishing, you need to go where the fish are. As an iGaming brand, you want to be researching your platforms and connecting with an audience that identifies with your product and could be a potential buyer. As an operator, you’ll want to choose the right social media platform for the market that you are aiming for. Put your site to work and include links to all of your social channels on your gaming page and blog.

Across Facebook, Linkedin and Reddit there’s the opportunity to interact in groups. Groups are a fantastic tool for increasing brand awareness by starting a conversation with your audience. A conversation starter can be a great visual or an outstanding hashtag. 

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience can be a matter of jumping into a group conversation, responding to a comment on Facebook or adding a few more characters to a Twitter feed. With digital content, you want to think visual – think of a clip of a classic poker hand. As a brand you want your audience talking about you for the right reasons. The groups feature on Facebook is a subtle way to take the pulse of your audience. You’d be surprised what a Simpsons meme can do to draw attention to your platform. 

Stay Active

Consistency is key with content and social media. If you are not posting regularly you are not in the conversation. An automation tool like Social Sprout or Hootsuite can take the grind out of posting on social media accounts, with a scheduling feature. Staying active means that you’ll need to stay on top of news as it happens in your industry.

Inactive social feeds are a bad look for a brand, you need to turn up with fresh content every day.

Craft the content that your audience Demands

There’s a lot of noise in the digital world and you need some creativity to be able to stand out. Original content is the key to how you’ll stand out from your competition. Everything from your opinion on the industry, to some visuals on a great poker hand that you saw in an online tournament. You want to get people talking to get their attention online.


In order to make money, you are going to have to spend money. In the world of social media, advertising simply isn’t free and as a new operator or affiliate, some carefully targeted ads can be the fastest way to quickly grow a fan following and learn about your audience. A paid strategy can give you a massive boost to becoming a player in the industry.