Finding the perfect social media platform for your brand


It might sound like an old cliché, but a social media presence can make or break your brand in the world of iGaming. Finding the right social media platform to reach your audience is crucial, not just for operators, but also affiliates. The right choice will drive traffic and players to all the right places.

The reality is that you’ll be targeting a large audience across multiple platforms with different types of content. While this may seem relatively painless for a ten-year-old, targeted social media planning can become a major time drain across the office when you are creating content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter – and that’s only the planning.

Not all platforms are the best choice for every business and you need to identify your audience and objective. Are you talking to players or are you promoting a new slot or a payment method, or do you have a B2B business?

Each platform reaches a different type of audience, and we’ll walk you through some tips to find the right fit for your brand.

Know your audience – what channels are they using?

You need to go where your audience are fishing in the digital world. Using data insights into your target audience will give you a major leg-up in choosing your social media platforms.

For affiliates and operators targeting players Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would be the first port of call. Facebook and Twitter both offer the ability to engage potential players through conversations and especially its more relevant now with video sharing and live streaming. Poker and sports conversations still draw out the most attention from players, because nothing starts a conversation like poker and sports. Over the first half of 2020, searches for online poker content on Google reached a five-year high.

What channels are the competition using?

Find out what other affiliates and operators are talking about; analysing the channels of other brands is an important step in determining your social strategy. Determining what players and your industry peers are talking about will help drive your content to the right platforms.

Measure how often your competitors are posting, the type of content and the number of likes or shares the posts engages.

What type of content do you want to create?

Content is king, distribution is queen and she wears the relationship.” Your social platforms need the right types of content that clearly spell out your goals and identity. You had to ask the question – is this channel the right place for this content. Linkedin may not be the place for a funny video, but its perfect for B2B operators wanting to talk to potential partners, networking with c-suite iGaming peers, industry news and promoting upcoming gaming forums.

For lighter engagement with players, think about Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Instagram is also an ideal platform for sharing short-form video content and image-based content.

Know your limits – How many channels can you manage?

Remember there are only eight hours in a day and if you’re a smaller operator or affiliate, then you need to choose your battles wisely. Content planning for social media can be a major drain on the resources. Ideally, you want to craft content that translates across multiple platforms.

If you are looking for more advice on social media strategy check out our tips on social media marketing and networking with Linkedin.