GTECH signs with China Lottery

TAGs: China lottery, GTech, Intralot, Shenzhen Welfare Lottery Centre

GTECH has gone for gold with China, in signing a ten year contract by China’s Shenzhen Welfare Lottery Centre. The contract will allow for the updating of the current Keno system and allow for the implementation and commencement of lottery sales.

GTECH President and CEO Jaymin B. Patel said “We are pleased to have this opportunity to increase the range of lottery solutions and services we provide to Shenzhen Welfare Lottery Issuing Center.” Patel added that the deeper relationship in Shenzhen was particularly important from a strategic standpoint for GTECH as the company looks towards expansion in China.

GTECH knows how the unfavorable laws in China towards other forms of gambling. With such a massive populations the potential for capital gains is immense. It’s certainly always best to be on the right side of the China Wall. But everywhere GTECH goes Intralot goes, the two competitors follow each other around like a bad smell, and they’ll be duking it out for market share in China.


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