Visa Are You Still Down? That’s the Question

What the fuck Visa?

Can an individual make a deposit with a Visa credit card into an online gambling site or not? That’s the question. While it appeared that question had been answered with a resounding “fuck no” some people aren’t so sure that’s the case. Read more. On the other hand, there are several who believe that Visa is shutting down its operations with online gambling. Read more. Anyone who has tried to make a deposit to an online gambling site even before this so called pull out knows it doesn’t always go through. But now, is it because Visa has pulled out like Mastercard did? Everyone seems to think so, just checking the latest internet news on the subject and you’ll find that a majority of people are in agreement that Visa is shut down to online gambling. Despite this, some people have been able to get their transactions to go through, so what’s the deal? Seems to me that the right thing to do would be for Visa to issue a statement or hold a press conference and explain their position, enough of the speculation. In fact, Visa owes it to their huge client base to do so. If in fact they’ve pulled out, then I personally would like to know why and to what extent they’ve pulled out. Does it affect Canadians? Or only Americans? Do some people have access or is it all visa cardholders? Is it to all online gambling sites or is to most? Do they sing in the fucking shower or hum, how about some fucking answers? When it comes to a situation of this magnitude and one that affects so many, this word of mouth jazz is bush league. Maybe the government is leaning on Visa, maybe they sent some henchmen with some ball crackers and some cement shoes to convince Visa to shut it down. It certainly wasn’t a money issue, because processing online gambling transactions is a multibillion dollar business. Which adds to the mystery, if it is not about money, then what is it about? Moral ground? I don’t think so, you can put down thousands on any porn site and it’s all good…trust me. The only other reason is the big white UIGEA elephant sitting in the room. It really makes you wonder if Visa caught wind of how this whole battle of the bill is going to play out. And from the sounds of it and judging by their alleged actions, that June 1st deadline for the regulation of online gambling in the United States isn’t looking as promising as many had initially felt.