Bodog Affiliate Social Budapest Affiliate Conference

Luxury. Entertainment. Birds. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 people at one of these nights or 20,000… an invite to a Bodog party is the hottest ticket in town. This one put the D in De Luxe; we’re talking fine cigars, authentic Hungarian booze to sample and take away, gorgeous women to sample and take away – I mean take vintage pictures with. Then there was the open bar, attentive finger food and tasty waitresses (well, you know what I mean) and hand massages – say no more…

And then there were the Bodog girls? The place was crawling with them. Wall-to-wall totty that outnumbered the fellas by at least 3-1. There were certainly worse places to be.

Check out the Video and DAF award from the Bodog Affiliate Social Budapest Affiliate Conference.