2020 Presidential Debate Odds: Tax scandal buries underdog Trump


Round 1 of the Trump-Biden debate trilogy is about to kick off. The first Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is set to start at 9:00 pm EDT on September 29, and we have all the information you need to know, along with the most up to date odds from Bodog.

2020-presidential-debate-odds-tax-scandal-buries-underdog-trumpThe debate will be moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and run for 90 minutes. He’s already announced the night will have 6 segments, each 15 minutes long, covering the following topics: Trump and Biden’s records, The Supreme Court, Covid-19, the economy, race and violence in the cities and integrity of the election.

Going into the debate, each of the candidates are trying to manage the news cycle to the best of their ability. Depending on what bubble you’re in, Joe Biden is either racking up the endorsements, or ignoring a lackluster Senate report released about his controversy-surrounded son, Hunter Biden.

It’s a lot harder to find the positive media spin around Donald Trump. He’s just announced a plan to deploy millions of Covid-19 tests, but the media is entirely focused on the New York Times’ report on his alleged tax avoidance. Even visits to both Fox News and Breitbart reveal more stories about Trump’s taxes than anything else, revealing just how bad of a bombshell that story was for the president.

Going into this first round of verbal sparring, Joe Biden continues to hold steady in the odds with a -120 chance to win the presidency, while Trump stays close behind at EVEN. As we’ve explored before, Trump is far behind in some of the most important polls, but the odds are skewed by true believers backing their candidate, regardless of ‘Fake News’ polls, and also by those who know the entire thing could be decided by a very conservative Supreme Court.

If you want to watch the debate you can find it on all of the major American TV networks. If you’re an international observer, you can also find it on just about every major network’s streaming service or YouTube channel. Before you do though, check out all of these fun betting options available at Bodog.

First Presidential Debate Odds

What Color will Donald Trump’s Tie Be?

Red                                                                 -320

Blue/Light Blue/Navy Blue                         +275

Yellow or Gold                                             +1600

Black                                                              +2000

Other Color                                                  +1400

What Color will Joe Biden’s Tie Be?

Blue/Light Blue/Navy Blue                         -230

Red                                                                 +225

Purple                                                           +900

Other Color                                                  +1000

What will Joe Biden Say First?

Scranton                                                       -250

Malarkey                                                      +185

What Will Trump Say First?

Fake News                                                    -215

China Virus                                                   +160

What Will Be Said First by Trump Or Biden? (Health Topics)

Pandemic                                                      +150

Mask                                                              +180

WHO/World Health Organization            +375

CDC                                                                +500

Fauci                                                               +500

What Will Be Said First By Trump or Biden? (Legislative Topics)

Ginsburg                                                        +225

Affordable Care Act                                     +250

Obamacare                                                   +250

Barrett                                                           +375

Roe V. Wade                                                 +500

What Will Be Said First by Trump or Biden? (Social Topics)

Racism                                                           +180

Protest                                                           +200

Police                                                             +300

Violence                                                        +350

Black Lives Matter                                       +600

What Will Be Said First By Trump Or Biden? (Voting Topics)

Ballots                                                            +160

Mail-in                                                           +175

Rigged                                                            +350

Fraud                                                             +500

Post Office                                                    +500

Which Event Will Have a Higher Nielsen Rating?

First Presidential Debate on Sept 29        -1000

Monday Night Football, Oct 5                   +550

Which State Will Be Mentioned First?

Ohio                                                               -125

Florida                                                           +275

Michigan                                                       +400

Iowa                                                               +450

Which Topics Will Be Debated First?

Trump or Biden’s Public Records              +200

Coronavirus Pandemic                               +210

Supreme Court                                             +350

Election Integrity                                         +550

Race And/Or Protests                                 +625

Economy                                                       +650

Who Will Take The First Sip of Water?

Joe Biden                                                       -160

Donald Trump                                              +120

Who Will Win the Presential Debate Drinking Game

Donald Trump                                              -165

Joe Biden                                                       +125

Will Biden Walk to the Podium Wearing a Mask?

Yes                                                                  -275

No                                                                   +200

Will Trump Walk to the Podium Wearing a Mask?

No                                                                   -800

Yes                                                                  +460

Will Donald Trump Mention “Joe Rogan”?

Yes                                                                  +550

No                                                                   -1000

Will Trump or Biden Curse On-Air

No                                                                   -10000

Yes                                                                  +2000

Will the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Be Mentioned During the Debate

Yes                                                                  -170

No                                                                   +130