3 Barrels: Ivey on Masterclass; Triton £1m Teaser; Live At The Bike record


3: barrels of a high stakes vintage including Phil Ivey busting out a ‘Masterclass’, Triton releasing a £1m buy-in teaser, and a record-breaking pot from Live at the Bike.

3-barrels-ivey-on-masterclass-triton-1m-teaser-live-at-the-bike-recordIf you want to learn to hurl abuse at your subordinates, add double digits to your foul language thesaurus, and cook the perfect risotto then why not ask Gordon Ramsay for a few tips.

Jimmy Chin can teach you how to ski from the summit of Mount Everest while taking unbelievable photographs, Steve Martin can show you how to be funny, and as from last week, Phil Ivey will teach you how to play poker.

“I come from a generation where the good players knew that talking about a hand or helping someone to improve was a big no-no.” – Phil Ivey.

It looks like he’s changed his mind.

Ivey is the second poker player to create content for David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen’s online education platform, Masterclass, after Daniel Negreanu launched a 38-lesson program during last year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP).

The 10-time WSOP bracelet winner and World Poker Tour (WPT) Champion’s 11-class itinerary is a marked reducement on Negreanu’s stab, but quantity doesn’t always equal quality.

The teaser trail has garnered more than 12.8k views, and 226 thumbs up.

Check it out.

It’s the first time Ivey has released in-depth training material, despite creating the online training site The Ivey League. Ivey appeared in a few videos, but never anything of this intensity. The Ivey League closed in 2017.

Ivey has earned more than $26.3m (gross) playing live tournaments, and more than $10m profit playing online cash games, but his appearances on both platforms have been sparse of late. He appeared at the 2018 Triton Poker Super High Roller Series stops at Montenegro and Jeju, and even won a title in Montenegro, but outside of those appearances Ivey has been making a great impression of Lord Lucan, and dropped out of The Hendon Mob All-Time Money List a few months ago (he now sits 12th).

One of the reasons Ivey has been absent of late, and maybe why he has decided to create a Masterclass, has been his high profile losses in the courts. Ivey lost two high profile Baccarat edge-sorting court cases against Genting and The Borgata teetering around the $20m mark.

The math is simple—sell 235,294 Masterclasses at £85 per pop, and he wipes those Baccarat losses of the map.

Here are those 11 lessons:

1. Phil’s journey
2. The mental game
3. Poker philosophy
4. Bankroll management
5. Table image and tells
6. Analyzing hands
7. Blind defence
8. Playing suited connectors
9. Floating the flop
10. Bluffing
11. Deep-stack play

Here is the link if you want to sign up.

Triton releases teaser trail for £1m buy-in charity event in London

While it’s doubtful you’ll see Ivey walking down the Rio this summer; there is every likelihood that you’ll see him competing in the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in London.

The Hilton London Metropole Hotel near Edgware Road acts as host Jul 31-Aug 8, and while the schedule remains under wraps, Triton has announced an exclusive teaser trailer.

From Thu 1 Aug to Sat 3 Aug Triton hosts a £1m buy-in Charity event. Details are sparse for now, but we know it breaks the record set by the 2016 €1m buy-in One Drop event when Elton Tsang won the €11,111,111 first prize.

The One Drop organisers refused to admit professional players in that 2016 event, limiting the field to 28-entrants, and before that, the previous three WSOP One Drops were a tad pro-heavy. One suspects the Triton team will learn from those experiences to create a more balanced experience for pros and non-pros alike.

Here is the trailer.

The Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in Montenegro saw 691-entrants create $41,564,198 in prize money through 12-events and 12 people left with more than seven-figures in gross profit.

Live at the Bike sees record live cash pot

Viewers of the ‘Live at the Bike’ stream witnessed the biggest-ever pot in the history of the show recently.

The pot, won by a player known as ‘Jacky’, was $438,900, and a second player known as ‘Andy’ was the unlucky bugger who rivered top full-house at the same time his conqueror landed quads.

Here is Joey Ingram breaking the hand down.