Persado’s Paul McNea: Creative AI can help operators convert better

Persado’s Paul McNea: Creative AI can help operators convert better

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is increasingly entering the business world, and it’s started to make its impact felt in the gambling industry. Persado helps marketers create better copy by applying artificial intelligence to word choices, to develop the most impactful advertising possible. Paul McNea, director of business development at Persado, joined our Stephanie Tower to talk about what his company offers.

McNea was given a chance to introduce his company by Tower, for anyone in the industry who might not be familiar. “The companies’ headquartered in New York. We have operations in U.S., London, Athens, Italy, and Germany,” he replied. “We’re building out now a global footprint, and it just means that over the last six years of operations, any written language that a brand can use to reach out and engage its customer, we can be part of that process.”

As an expert in AI, McNea knows that the technology can help the gambling industry in many different ways. “You’ve got things like fraud detection, analytics, CRM, player bonusing that we’re now seeing AI play a big part in, because AI can do things that a human just can’t do,” he explained.

Many of those tasks can be formulaic, and don’t require much creative thinking. Where Persado is ahead of the curve is in building creative AI applications. “So far, the biggest blocker around creative AI has been the view that a machine can never be quite as creative as a human, and now we’re challenging those perceptions and those expectations,” McNea said. “In different sectors around the world, we’ve now proven that not only can AI outperform a human in certain parts of the creative process, we can increase businesses and business conversion by up to 400%.”

How does their creative AI work? By cataloging what works, what doesn’t, and applying that data.

“We’ve tagged and tracked every single word, combination of words, phrases, emojis that’s been used in a marketing context,” McNea enthused. As a result, their AI uses words that create emotional responses, and thus get results.

The bottom line result for their non-gambling clients, and thus the potential for their future gambling related partners, is huge. McNea revealed the numbers, “The average increase on conversion last year, across all clients, was 41%. Imagine the damage that would do in the gaming industry if we could translate that kind of performance. For certain companies that could be transformational.”

McNea ends on the thought that the gambling marketing process really hasn’t changed in centuries. One copy writer uses their own creative process to put an advertisement out there, and that’s pretty much it. The advantage of Persado AI, he explains, is they use the entire history of human achievement to create the best possible copy for the situation, thus winning over the marketplace. He concludes by saying, “We’re in the market to help smart marketers win 99 times out of 100.”