Paddy Power does it again: Rhodri Giggs in cheeky Loyalty Rewards ad

Paddy Power does it again: Rhodri Giggs in cheeky Loyalty Rewards ad

Paddy Power has pulled off another masterpiece of an advert this time putting the knife into love cheat Ryan Giggs, by hiring his brother Rhodri to appear in a Loyalty Awards promotion.

Blame, Welsh whelks.

10,000 tonnes of this particular breed of sea snail is fished out of the Bristol Channel and sent to horny men in South Korea where it’s considered an aphrodisiac.

Paddy Power does it again: Rhodri Giggs in cheeky Loyalty Rewards adI think a few may have ended up on Ryan Gigg’s plate.

In 2011, the Welsh national football team’s manager was outed as a love rat, after his brother, Rhodri’s, wife, Natasha Giggs, came clean about an eight-year affair. News reports suggested the two brothers hugged and made up in 2015, but I think the reconciliation may have ended.

In another brilliantly and ballsy ad from Paddy Power, Rhodri Giggs, rips the piss out of his brother’s adultery, with a series of not so subtle jabs.

It begins with Rhodri saying that he’s always lived a “loyal life” before walking into ‘The Prince of Wales’ pub. The barmaid, standing in front of ‘The Wandering Cock’ poster, motions towards Rhodri before asking “bitter?”

Rhodri replies: “Not anymore Pam, champagne, please.”

The Welsh football team are playing on the TV in the background, and you can hear the commentator saying, “Questions will be asked of the manager.”

Then the action cuts to Rhodri at home, drinking from a City mug, reading a newspaper with the headline ‘United leged rejected for the dream job’ on the back.

Rhodri’s wife pops her head around the corner and says she’s off out. Rhodri responds by asking where she is going.

His wife replies, “to the shops for milk; we need milk.”

“We do need milk,” replies Rhodri.

Next, we see him in on the punching bag in the gym, and his trainer says, “Come on Rhod, think of someone that makes you angry,” and Rhodri replies, “No one comes to mind.”

The minute-long ad ends with Rhodri driving out of his driveway saying “The problem is, loyalty gets you nowhere. Live for rewards instead, and that’s why I am Paddy Power’s Rewards Club ambassador,” before we see the ‘Giggs1’ registration plate.

The Loyalty’s Dead. Live For Rewards ad is genius, but it’s going to be a significant embarrassment for the Welsh team coach.

Natasha Giggs came clean about the affair in 2011, and a year later appeared on Celebrity Big Brother where she talked openly about the relationship after actor Michael Madsen asked her why she was in the house.

In a 2012 interview on the Irish TV channel, RTE One, Natasha said that she was at Ryan’s ‘beck and call’, and that they continued to have sex even when she was seven months pregnant with her husband Rhodri’s child.

Natasha decided to spill the whelks after Ryan Giggs failed with a £150,000 High Court injunction to prevent Big Brother star Imogen Thomas from naming him as the man who enjoyed a six-month affair with the reality TV star.

Rhodri and Natasha divorced in 2013.

Rhodri remarried to Ashleigh Turner, and they have a kid.

Ryan Giggs was married to Stacey Cooke throughout the affair and had two children. They divorced in 2017.