Becky’s Affiliated: Top 10 most viewed interviews of 2018

Becky’s Affiliated: Top 10 most viewed interviews of 2019

Ah, its that time of year again my friends, when our work schedules finally wind down and we have a moment to reflect upon everything that has happened over the past 12 months. For us at, especially Stephanie Tower and I, we have conducted hundreds of interviews in both the online gambling and Bitcoin space throughout the year, rubbing shoulders with some of the best and brightest in both industries.

Becky’s Affiliated: Top 10 most viewed interviews of 2018Today’s edition of Becky’s Affiliated will take a look at the top 10 most viewed online gambling industry interviews both Stephanie and I conducted over the course of 2018. Before reviewing our list, I’d like to point out that every single interview below, except for one, has a focus on sports betting, underscoring just how big 2018 was in terms of sport betting industry news. Without a doubt, 2019 promises to be a huge year for sports betting, especially when it comes to the regulated US market.

10. Bettor Collective’s Jesper Sogaard looks to the US and beyond

When I first met Jesper Sogaard he was part of a two-man affiliate team, fast forward 15 years and Sogaard has taken Bettor Collective public and through a series of acquisitions and organic growth, he’s now running one of the largest affiliate marketing companies in the business. In this interview shot at iGB Live! 2018, Sogaard dives into his strategy for future acquisitions, reveals his plans for the regulated US market and explains the value behind having a big presence at industry conferences throughout the year.

9. Matt Scarrott: Sports betting industry has yet to achieve real personalization

Matt Scarrott of BetVictor spoke at Betting on Football 2018 and covered in-play betting strategies, a hot topic over the course of the year. In this interview, Scarrott points out how personalization for in-play betting is an area in which the sport betting industry can improve and provided some examples of how BetVictor plans to address this gap in their marketing plans.

8. Becky’s Affiliated: Making a move to the American market with Keith McDonnell

A familiar face in the sports betting industry is Keith McDonnell, a professional regarded as one of the top experts in the sector with close to two decades of experience under his belt. While McDonnell has spent the majority of his career focused on the European and Asian markets, he dropped a bomb this summer when he announced his move to America and a new focus on the regulated US sports betting market. In this interview with McDonnell, he explains why his years of experience in Europe and Asia will provide value to American operators, how American can learn from the mistakes of operators in mature markets and the synergies between land based and online.

7. Matt Cole: Slots is about the game, not the entertainment

As soon as a delegate steps foot into the ICE Totally Gaming expo, it is literally impossible to miss the array of themed slot machines populating the majority of the expo floor. This observation alone should make it obvious to anyone that the competition is fierce and slots developers need to do something different in order to stand out in the crowd. Filmed at ICE, in this interview Matt Cole of Blueprint Gaming explains what’s new with Blueprint, how he motivates his team to keep on top of fresh ideas and the importance of choosing relevant brands for your audience.

6. Michael Doyle: Most eSports Fans Already Deal with Cryptocurrency

The intersection of eSports and crypto is a super exciting space these days, especially because of its appeal to the younger generation. Shot at WGES, in this interview Michael Doyle of KPI Gaming points out how most eSports fans have already dealt with crypto and how much the community loves instant payouts, especially with in-play. He also touches on what role smart contracts will play for both operators and players, ensuring the fairness of the game.

5. Ronnie O’Sullivan: Betting is a Part of Snooker Culture

One of Betting on Sports 2018’s most exciting elements was the appearance of snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan on a panel and the opportunity to interview him straight after. In this interview, O’Sullivan comments on his victory at the 2018 Shanghai Masters (he cannot lose!), explains why betting and Snooker are a good fit and reveals some secrets on how keeps fit and healthy while on the road.

4. Marcus Brennan: Control Your Own Technology Roadmap

Also shot at Betting on Football 2018, this interview with Marcus Brennan highlights how he tapped into his experience with scaling online platforms in other industries and applied his knowledge to the initiatives of Betbright. Brennan also goes on to explain the advantages of building proprietary software as opposed to going with third parties, especially when it comes to innovation and building your own technology roadmap.

3. Ranjana Adhikari: Cricket is a Huge Religion in India

India presents an untapped, massive opportunity for the gambling industry, especially considering its large population and their appetite for gambling. In this interview, Ranjana Adhikari of Nishith Desai Associates explains how cricket is a huge religion in India and how it makes sense for the government to set up a regulatory framework for online gambling, using Sikkim’s regulations as an example. Despite the opportunity for tax revenue, challenges such as the stigma attached to gambling and match-fixing may delay the process, she points out.

2.’s Steve Fezzik: “There’s Plenty of Room” in Sports Betting Industry

Professional sports bettor and well-known handicapper Steve Fezzik participated as a speaker in this year’s edition of G2E in Las Vegas, his city of residence. In this interview, Fezzik welcomes the repeal of PASPA and believes the changes will help rather than hurt Las Vegas as a center for sports betting. He also sheds some perspective on how technology has impacted his business over the years along with dropping in a few tips on how to bet in-play and for sports betting in general.

1. Draft Kings’ Jason Robins: The Best Product Always Wins

Another star appearance at Betting on Sports 2018 was Jason Robins, the CEO of DraftKings, a brand with a prime position in the regulated New Jersey sports betting market. Robins explains how DraftKings’ sports betting offering has “blown away” his expectations and that the numbers were “off the charts”. Robins goes on to explain the crossover between DFS and wagering in terms of New Jersey performance, how DraftKings plans to deal with competition in the future and their plans for the United States market in general.