Matt Scarrott: Sports betting industry has yet to achieve real personalization

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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Matt Scarrott of BetVictor shares his thoughts on the key area the sports betting industry needs to improve—personalization.

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All sportsbooks share a single goal and that is to provide an engaging and more gamified experience to their players. To do that, operators use advanced personalization strategies so that punters will only see the sports that they want to bet on.

However, providing real personalization is far from a simple mission. Operators need to analyze player behavior and predict what they will likely bet on next. Matt Scarrott, director of Sportsbook and VIP at BetVictor, believes providing a more personalized experience for in-play bettors is an area that still has some room for improvement.

“Real personalization, I don’t think anyone’s quite got there yet, what we try and do is put the right markets in front of everybody, we haven’t quite got to the individual customer level yet. So it’s more about getting the individual events right,” Scarrott told

Scarrott shared that BetVictor are working on new and exciting strategies to provide a more personalized experience for in-play bettors.

“Scoreboards are a big area. We are just trying to renew our top sports, you’ll start to see those games rolled out over the next few weeks.” Scarrott said. “What we’re trying to do is put the right markets of everybody rather than we haven’t quite got to the individual customer yet. So, it’s more about getting individual events right.”

Operators also face several in-play challenges in real-time messaging and push notifications. He pointed out that the speed of real time makes most of the messages to the players were pretty much out of date.

“It’s difficult actually, in-play, because it moves so fast. By the time you’ve got the message ready and got it out, it is pretty much out of date—even to tell people just before it starts,” Scarrott said. “In football, if we’re go again at halftime, we need something relevant to talk about. You don’t just want to say it’s ‘two-nil’… it’s boring. You need an event to have happened during the game to talk about to try and grab that interest.”


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