Aria to host blockchain poker tourney

Aria to host blockchain poker tourney

The Aria casino in Las Vegas is bringing the blockchain to poker. This October, it will host the inaugural World Crypto Conference and is expected to draw a number of celebrity guests. Highlighting the three-day event will be a poker tournament unlike any seen before.

Aria to host blockchain poker tourneyThe conference will be held from October 31 through November 2. The poker tournament, which is sponsored in part by, will bring together live poker action with blockchain technology. Complete details have yet to be released, but Aria has said that “some of the biggest stars in poker” will attend.

The lineup could include poker high roller such as Daniel Negreanu or Antonio Esfandiari. It might also be that Phil Hellmuth, who has a tight relationship with the Aria, could decide to drop in. No matter who it is, this will certainly be one for the history books, and will go down as a prime example of how closely linked the gaming world and cryptocurrencies are.

Several poker companies, including Virtue Poker, use decentralized smart contracts for their data management and use random number generators to ensure fairness at the virtual felt. Since all licensed online poker portals have to allow their software to be assessed and monitored, there is an added sense of confidence surrounding blockchain-based poker.

The technology behind the blockchain is irrefutably complex and, like most software platforms, can vary from site to site. However, processing data through a decentralized platform is proving to be a favorite among players, as they contend that it decreases the chances of a site fixing the deck, as well as the use of poker bots.

According to the site description for Crypto Poker Club, “We utilize quantum natural phenomena (via Photons) to generate completely random strings of numbers. On the other, we use Bitcoin Network’s Hashes as an unknown, unpredictable entropy source to initiate a PRNG sequence. Together, we reshuffle the deck multiple times to provide the ultimate way of truly randomly generating numbers.”

The World Crypto Con will be a good opportunity for crypto and poker enthusiasts to see the technology in action. It will also mark the beginning of a new generation of poker tournaments that will turn to the latest innovations to further their hold on the market.