Blaine Graboyes: Gamers are underserved audience

Blaine Graboyes: Gamers are underserved audience

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Blaine Graboyes of Gameco, Inc. shares his views on the end result of a synergy between video game and gambling industries.

Driving traffic and keeping gamblers engaged with their offerings are two of the main challenges that casino operators face nowadays. Whether operators like it or not, traditional games like slot machines don’t appeal to the younger tech-savvy generation who grew up playing video and arcade games.

That’s why many young players are instead drawn to the allure of eSports and other online games. For those who are in the 20 to 35-year-old age bracket, what matters to them is the total gaming experience.

With this in mind, Blaine Graboyes of Gameco, Inc. pointed out that these current challenges are paving the way for a new generation of games that will bring a new, more engaging experience.

“Slot machines are absolutely amazing. They are great games and great technology. But they typically appeal to an older audience, an audience that has been aging over time,” Graboyes told “Young people grew up playing video games, Facebook, mobile games. And now, Gameco is working to bring those same experiences into the casino.”

He predicted that there will be more synergy between the video game and gambling industries since both complement each other.

The gambling industry, according to Graboyes, brings the VIP experience to the gamer community while the video game industry provides the ultimate gaming experience that most millennials are looking for.

“What’s interesting for me is that gamers are underserved audience. We are often stereotyped as teenagers in our parents’ basement. But the average gamer is actually 35-years-old, which is perfect for the casino,” Graboyes pointed out. “On the other hand, casinos provide the ultimate VIP experience. They provide hospitality and amenities that just don’t exist anywhere else. So at Gameco, our tagline is ‘the video game casino’ because we want to create a space for gamers in the casino that brings that VIP experience to the gamer community.”

Graboyes said his company is already coming up with offerings that brings together the musical culture, technology, video games, and gambling experience unto the casino floor.

“Gameco has a very interesting approach; we make the platform a lot like the X-Box or the app store. Then, we work with brands and game developers to create the game,” he said. “So we started with Steve Aoki and his management early. He settled with the idea of an infinite runner game. It is a genre that he really enjoys playing. We then came across the idea of using music from his Dim Mak label, which is his record label. So we have great tracks in the game. Really great music experience.”