Microgaming Poker removes waste & adds value; Kramer wins Vienna event

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The Microgaming Poker Network is busy adding value and removing waste, and Kilian Kramer wins the tour’s Viennese Main Event.

Microgaming Poker Removes Waste & Adds Value; Kramer Wins Vienna EventWhen I read about The Microgaming Poker Network (MPN), my cynical attitude vanishes like Aston Villa. Has the gaffer given everyone a copy of the Lean Startup by Eric Reiss? The MPN isn’t a start-up, but they appear to be using Validated Learning to improve their product, straight out of the Eric Reiss playbook.

Take the lobby, for example. The MPN is busy identifying value and waste. In particular, a focus on spick and spam decluttering.

High Stakes Sit n Go (Non-Hold’em) games = waste.

Multi-Table Sit n Go games = waste.

Jonathon Kelly, Poker Room Manager for the MPN, explained in a blog post: “These games are so unpopular nobody will even notice they are gone.”

He was probably right until he wrote about it.

The problem with identifying waste is once you begin, it pops up everywhere like posh violinists in tube stations.

Full Ring Sit n Go’s are also heading into the bin along with the burned French toast. Kelly theorises that by only offering 6-Max and Heads-Up, the games will start and end quicker – something the customer values.

They will also standardise buy-in levels. Instead of 70 choices, you get 16.

There is one addition.

A new short and swift Heads-Up format introduced after feedback from customers who said they don’t have time to faff about playing poker all day.

The €0.11 buy-in “10-Minute Heads-Up” games allow players to compete at the 25-50 blind level for 10-minutes before both players are forced to move all-in. Players start with 30 big blinds, giving them playability until the boom drops. If the players like it, they will roll it out to other buy-in levels, if they hate it then it goes into the bin along with the nail clippings from one of Qui Nguyen’s former salons.

Most of the changes are already in motion. Those that are not will be rolled out on Valentines Day, but, of course, you won’t notice because you will be busy giving your partner a love bite.

Kilian Kramer Wins MPNPT Vienna

Kilian Kramer has won the Microgaming Poker Network Poker Tour (MPNPT) Main Event in Vienna.

The German, with multiple European Poker Tour (EPT) side-event victories on his resume, won the €550+€50 buy-in event for €50,000. The unlimited re-entry event attracted 543 souls, over two starting days, at the Montesino Casino.

Kramer beat the British lad Ben Middleton in heads-up action to take the title. The purse string holders would be pleased to note the €200,000 guarantee wasn’t an issue. David Lappin (27th), Sebastian Pauli (29th), and William Dorey (43rd) also cashed.

Final Table Results

  1. Kilian Kramer – €50,000
  2. Ben Middleton – €37,500
  3. Aurimas Camieleauskas – €27,000
  4. Juraj Valasky – €20,320
  5. Artur Yarovoy – €13,960
  6. Marko Maher – €10,790
  7. Johannes Hubalek – €8,160
  8. Adem Marjanovic – €5,530
  9. Zdeno Slavik – €4,080

The MPNPT also put on a €1,000 + €100 High Roller. The event attracted 24 entrants, and the outcome looked a little something like this.

High Roller Payouts

  1. Dennis Wilke – €7,170
  2. Dara O’Kearney – €6,900
  3. Jamila von Perger – €6,180
  4. Espen Jorstad – €3,030

The next MPNPT event takes place in Malta 27-30 April with a €550 Main Event carrying a €150,000 Guarantee.


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