Product Profile: Destiny Baccarat

PP- Destiny Baccarat

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Andrzej Surmacz of Casino Game Maker shows why Destiny Baccarat is an interesting game.

Perhaps there’s no player in the world that is as passionate as Chinese gamblers when it comes to the game of Baccarat. In fact there’s always an inside joke that the Chinese gamblers may give James Bond – another passionate baccarat player – a run for his money.

Chinese gamblers are so passionate in playing baccarat that you may find most of them either pressing the cards against their chest or squeezing the cards tightly as they bow their heads while offering a short prayer.

After praying to their ancestors for luck, these Chinese players will slowly peek at the cards by lifting the vertical end just enough to see the suit and number, then turn the card horizontally to peek at the number again. Other Chinese players try to fend off bad number in their hands by gently blowing the card.

Tangible data likewise prove how passionate the Chinese are when it comes to Baccarat.

Prior to the gaming slump and Beijing’s corruption crackdown, more than 91% of Macau’s casino income came from the simple, fast-paced card game. Many Chinese VIPs even go to Las Vegas to play what many touted as a game of luck.

That’s why many game developers have stepped up their game in order to lure traditional and superstitious Chinese players to continue on playing Baccarat.

Andrzej Surmacz of Casino Game Maker, who has been in the business of developing gambling games for three years, said they developed an interactive Baccarat game called Destiny Baccarat, wherein the company have taken the regular baccarat game and made it such a way that the player has a control throughout the entire game cycle.

“This product is new and has been designed with an idea of letting the player being charged of the game, the outcome of the games be soley determined by the so-called random-number generator. So the games comply with the Macau gaming market regulations, but we just introduced a couple of features of the game, all the games can be in English or Chinese,” Surmacz told “We have been in the business for three years, we focus primarily in United States and Macau casino market and the product which has the most interesting is the baccarat game and in general the table games.”

Unlike the regular baccarat, Surmacz explained that the game speed of Destiny Baccarat, as well as the volume, can be determined by a button.

“So now we can choose a bet, let’s say that we bet 100 from the player, 100 from the player pair, and 100 on a side bet called Ox 6. What happens here is that the players are presented with eight cards. With the eight cards, the player chooses six and the player chooses the placement of those cards. The player can change the location – remove the card, bring this card back here. You confirm those cards and those cards are presented on the big screen and now the game starts,” he said. “What is important about the baccarat is the trends. The player watch the trends.”