Product Profile – 7BallRun

Product Profile – 7BallRun

Single Shot Entertainment founder Jason Lahser spoke to’s Becky Liggero in Amsterdam on how the technology of his product 7BallRun allows for a purer gaming experience.

Jason Lahser founded Single Shot Entertainment as a way to bring a more precise manner of analyzing cue sports, snooker in particular, to the gambling world.

“There’s a lot of bad press with corruption in sports like tennis and soccer, so it was very important to us before we got this to market, that we created a platform that was genuine and will go for many, many years to come,” Lahser told

The possibility of manipulating the outcomes renders games’ results questionable, a problem that Lahser sees minimized by limiting elements of chance. His 7BallRun game, as played in a Las Vegas facility, provides details on every move to be made, taking into account the location of all balls, in conditions that prevent outside interference.

The game also eliminates odds involving an opponent and a break, from which he said data could not be collected, “simply because no two breaks are the same.” Lahser added, “By eliminating the player and the break, we’re able to capture hundreds and hundreds of different patterns which we can test to then calculate the odds of which then we can feed to sportsbooks and operators so they can have an accurate, definitive odds market on repetitive frames.”

He describes further: “There’s a giant faraday cage around the arena, which means that anyone who walks into the venue, all kinds of electronic devices are cut off. That is the first part of the puzzle. The second part of the puzzle is, we have multiple tables going at the same time, so when the player walks into the room, the games are going every four minutes. The player doesn’t know that you’re actually betting on him, which means it makes it corruption-proof basically.”

The 7BallRun brand has the name of Australian snooker player Neil Robertson on it, and Lahser’s team is also in talks for English snooker player Jimmy White’s endorsement as well.

“For them to put their name on something in cue sports, over a hundred years it’s never happened. You can pretty much understand it’s going to be a successful game, otherwise they never would have done it,” Lahser said.

His business is not just limited to snooker or cue sports, as he has been developing a similar product for golf, which he noted also involves a stationary ball.

7BallRun is currently being distributed by Kiron Interactive, which Lahser said is Single Shot Entertainment’s “only partner.”

“We’re not looking for anyone else… We’ve got a big future ahead with Kiron, and super excited to get their distribution and their products out to market,” the executive said.