Product Profile – R. Franco Games

Product Profile - R. Franco Games

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Bree Montanez of R. Franco Digital shares how the company incorporates tradition and history into its new offering.

Game technology providers have always played a juggling act when it comes to their offerings. They try to strike a balance between innovating products and preserving the things that people love about their offerings.

Historic slot machines from yesteryear, for example, are incorporated into the latest online game content to bring the nostalgia of playing inside a brick and mortar facility.

Bree Montanez of R. Franco Digital pointed out that the company has been incorporating its rich history of being a slots machine provider into its new venture in technological solutions.

“We have slot machine games. We have live roulette, we have scratch cards. Pretty much whatever operators are interested in,” Montanez told “So we have around 32 games right now that are working to digital. Some are still moving over from the classic games that we are putting online. And we have 8 new games that we are launching this year.”

R. Franco Digital began as a slot provider to bars in Spain more than 50 years ago. But as the company grew, Montanez said they also started offering other products such as live roulette and scratch card.

“We’ve always kept that customer-focused company. We are hoping to keep that same old partnership and long history,” she said. “Now, we are moving on to our technological solutions. So we provide platforms and gaming content. We are moving some of our historic slots machines years ago and incorporate it with the new content.”

And after spending five years focusing on the Spanish regulated market, R. Franco Digital has finally penetrated the Colombian market.

“Since Spain is a regulated market for the last five years, we’ve focused on that regulation. We’ve just moved into Colombia, we recently started last summer. We have a license there and we are working with some of the operators,” she said. “Since we worked with the Spanish regulatory body for all that regulation, it is pretty much the same thing in Colombia, with a few tweaks. So, we are focusing on Latin America right now and see where it takes us, especially being a Spanish speaking country, it helped us open doors there.”