Product Profile – Neon Jungle

Product Profile – Neon Jungle

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Kevin Reid of 1X2 Network explains why the newest online slot isn’t just all about the glitz.

Ideas can be found everywhere. Whenever they take an early commute or go for a morning run in the park, people may be able to draw inspiration which can lead to ingenious ideas.

This was what happened of Kevin Reid, commercial director of iGaming content firm 1X2 Network, before they were able to create the newest online slot in market called Neon Jungle.

While strolling around the zoo with his kids, Reid found himself staring a pat of flamingos. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the vibrant pink feathers and how they try to stay close to their colony.

Reid learned that these flamingos – 25 of them – don’t breathe unless they are in an area close to their kind. Then, just like that, an idea switched inside Reid’s mind.

“When we created neon, it is like we were thinking Rio de Jainero, we were spit balling ideas. One of the cool things that came out, I was in the zoo with my kids, and I found out that flamingos don’t breathe unless they are in an area with 25 flamingos,” Reid told “Within our network, someone else’s making a Keno game and that’s all of a sudden where the numbers tied in to the keno, just a bit of a coincidence and laugh and that place quite well in the keno feature because we’ve always been looking to give something different within the games and by merging a keno game into it, we felt that it gave opportunity for customers to search for that bigger win and know what the big prize is. It’s quite a good innovation.”

The rest is now history for Neon Jungle after launching the newest online slot at the recently concluded iGaming Supershow where the big names in the gambling industry meet annually.

True to its inspiration, the offering gives you a vibe of Rio de Jainero where the flashy city lights meets the vibrant wildlife hiding within. One noticeable aspect of Neon Jungle is that it offers bright and bold depths in terms of imagery.

The offering also reward players with riches in the form of free spins as well as a Keno-based bonus round.

“Innovation is something that we always try and play on with kind of studio. Within the bonus round, it is a keno based bonus round,” he said. “The user can pick 10 with 15 bonus round. The user can then see how many bonus coins they’re collecting as they move through and pick their numbers. So they can really see the price they are going for with two selections left if all of a sudden they can get and add it win. They can skip like 5,000 coins, which obviously is quite an exciting feature for the player.”