Product Profile – Jackpot Blitz

Product Profile – Jackpot Blitz

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Jake Kalpakian of Jackpot Digital tells us how technology has revolutionized poker table games.

Smart technology is becoming more and more essential to lives of the people. These machines alleviate and responds to the needs of the people, from adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner to as simple as changing the toilet papers.

These new technologies are also changing the way players gamble. Slots, which used to be seen in the land-based casinos, may now be played via the internet and can be accessed through a smartphone.

A new cutting-edge poker table recently introduced by Jackpot Digital, Inc. is also making a buzz nowadays. Jackpot Blitz is a smart poker table game that allows gamblers to play other multi-player games while playing their usual poker game.

The game itself is dealt very fast since the product itself doesn’t need a dealer to oversee it.

“It is an electronic poker table product but it does all other casino games. If you are an operator, you can switch into a blackjack or baccarat mode, but of course, poker is the main emphasis,” Jake Kalpakian of Jackpot Digital, Inc. “You could be playing poker and then you could, while waiting for a game to start, have another window open and play blackjack or baccarat or any game you wish. You can even bet on horses and sports. It gives a quick flexibility to the operators and for the customers more choice. More hands dealt for hour, more revenue.”

Kalpakian said their company, which specializes on electronic table games, has been around since 1999. Their goal, according to Kalpakian, is to revolutionize the casino industry.

He pointed out that Jackpot Blitz is different to other poker table games due to its flexibility, allowing players to play any type of poker game or any other multi-player game if you wish. The game can also be customized, according to Kalpakian.

“The product itself, you don’t need a dealer to begin with. It helps with staffing. The games are dealt very fast. Take it in, take it out. Cash payment system, it complies with regulatory systems. So it could be baccarat, blackjack, you can play against the house or against other people. Its endless combinations of any type of game you want to play,” Kalpakian said. “Absolutely customized. You can play whatever game. You can advertise. You can change the colors. You can customize it anyway you wish.”