Playtech form BGT Sports and install Dr Armin Sageder as CEO

Playtech form BGT Sports and install Dr Armin Sageder as CEO

Playtech, lords and masters of all things gaming, has amalgamated five divisions into Playtech BGT Sports and immediately established the former BGT co-founder Dr Armin Sageder as CEO.

Playtech has merged five divisions to build Playtech BGT Sports and the former BGT Sports founder; Dr Armin Sageder is the new CEO with responsibility for business and customer operations.

Playtech form BGT Sports and install Dr Armin Sageder as CEOFather of three, Sageder, will be based in Cyprus where he will lead a team of 600+ employees based in offices in Bremen, London, Malmo, Nicosia, Sofia and Bremen. He will report directly to Playtech CEO, Mor Weizer.

The new division sees Best Gaming Technology (BGT), Geneity, Mobenga, Unilogic and Playtech’s internal sports betting team merge into super-duper sports betting platform managed by Sageder.

Sageder co-founded the online payment processor Paysafecard in 2000 and took on the role of CEO for the next four years before co-founding BGT. Sageder successfully steered that ship until July when he sold 90% of the company to Playtech in a deal worth a reported €138m.

As part of that deal, Sageder kept a tight hold of 10% of his former company. Playtech can purchase the remainder of the % at a value of 6x BGT’s 2019 earnings, capped at €55m. Sageder also can further inflate his coffers with an additional €5m based on bonus performance.

The vision of Playtech BGT Sports is to provide customers with a one-stop shop betting experience across all channels using their Omni-channel platform technology. The one stop shop includes the brick and mortar over the counter model, the Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs) of which BGT owned over 24,000 of the things, and online and mobile channels.

Sageder is up for the challenge and was quoted in the press release as saying that the merger of the five divisions has created a ‘powerhouse’ dedicated to serving their clients and their customers along the food chain.