Per Eriksson on opportunities in mobile gambling

Per Eriksson on opportunities in mobile gambling

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Per Eriksson of Netent gives us a glimpse on the future of remote gambling.

There’s no denying that the growth of the internet has spurred the evolution of gambling industry. People no longer have to travel far and wide just to enjoy playing their favorite slots or poker. In this modern age, gamblers have their favorite casino games at their fingertips.

Gone are the days when players are restricted to play in one spot since the availability of the internet enables them to play their favorite casino games wherever they wanted with the use of their mobile phones.

Though app stores such as Apple Store and Google Play put heavy restrictions on downloading gambling apps, players can go around the mobile safeguards with the use of browsers.

The growing reliance of players to their mobile phones and internet has prompted gambling operators to innovate their products in order to cope up with the current trend, according to Per Eriksson of Netent.

He said their company has focused on developing and innovating their mobile products to attract more players. One of those products, according to Eriksson, is Netent Live.

Unlike other gambling applications, Eriksson pointed out that Netent Live made it more user-friendly thanks to the zoom in and zoom out capabilities.

“This is something that the world has not seen before and we have a streaming capacity that no one else have seen. It’s such a clear picture of you and you can have it on portrait or landscape mode,” Eriksson told “It is so easy to deal with and you can zoom in and zoom out, so you can exactly see what you are doing.  And you can see many products today where you hardly see and hear what’s going on in the mobile. So we are absolutely first, the pioneers here.”

Eriksson said that they are pleased to find out that their products have gained much followers not only in Europe but also in North America.

“We are gaining market share in NJ and our games that works really well in Europe are working as well or even better here in the US, so we are so pleased,” he said. “And now it’s really exciting to see what is going to happen in Pennsylvania. The voting in the Senate will happen now, the coming weeks so we are really excited about that.