Unibet to rebrand as the Kindred Group

kindred-group-unibet-rebrandNordic online betting operator Unibet is proposing rebranding its parent company to better reflect its growing cornucopia of gambling brands.

On Thursday, the Stockholm-listed Unibet Group’s board of directors released a statement saying it was considering rebranding the group’s holding company as the Kindred Group “to improve synergy, clarity and flexibility around the Group’s multi-brand strategy.”

A flurry of acquisitions in recent years has seen Unibet grow to encompass 10 different gambling brands, and while the flagship Unibet brand has retained its dominant status among this collection, “the board sees a risk of confusion regarding the difference between the company Unibet Group and the consumer brand Unibet.”

The proposed rebranding of the parent company wouldn’t impact the identities of consumer-facing brands such as Unibet, MariaCasino, Bingo.com, Stan James and iGame. But introducing an umbrella identity distinct from these brands will provide Unibet with “the necessary strategic flexibility to ensure we remain at the very forefront of our industry.”

Unibet’s board says it chose the name Kindred Group based on “an extensive analysis of the Group culture and identity.” The dictionary definition of ‘kindred’ refers to “a relationship between people with similar beliefs, values and attitudes,” and the board feels this description “truly describes the people of the Group.”

Assuming shareholders approve the rebranding at an extraordinary general meeting on Dec. 6, the change will officially take effect on Dec. 12. The switch will include “a revised graphic identity including graphic identity and values to better cater for a group company that can serve a multitude of brands across several markets.”