The Global Poker League Fan Shop Opens For Business; A New HUD Enters The Market

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The Global Poker League launches an online shop selling baseball caps, jerseys and hoodies, and a new cheap and easy Heads-Up Display called PStatTrack enters a marketplace doomed to die.

the-global-poker-league-fan-shop-opens-for-business-a-new-hud-enters-the-marketFans of Global Poker League (GPL) clobber will be excited to learn that the GPL Fan Shop is open for business. I will be interested to see how this one develops. During a recent interview with Joey Ingram, on the Poker Life Podcast, Phil Galfond talked about the difficulty turning a profit with RunItOnce merchandise so it will be interesting to see if the GPL can do what the online training site couldn’t.

During a recent interview with yours truly, GPL Founder, Alex Dreyfus, said that he made a mistake by not getting the merchandise ready for the summer visit to Las Vegas and that selling GPL products is a revenue stream, ‘albeit a small one.’ There are currently three products on sale for all 12 franchises: a baseball cap, a jersey, and a hoodie.

If you are interested, click here.

Jason Mercier Stars as The Second Half of The Season Kicks Off

I wonder how long it will be before you can have the name of your favourite player on the back of your jersey, and who the best selling name will be?

Right up there in the mix will be the New York Rounders star, Jason Mercier. The man who nearly gave Vanessa Selbst a heart attack in the summer and is NOT a gambling addict earned 12 points for his side in the first six-max heats of the second half of the season.

Mercier finished runner-up to LA Sunset Team Manager, Maria Ho, in the opening match before taking maximum points in the second with a heads-up win over Byron Kaverman, with Ho finishing third. Kaverman also finished third in the first game.

All that means The LA Sunset have closed the gap on the leaders Montreal Nationals to one point. New York Rounders catch up to third place Sao Paulo Metropolitans, but are still 27 points behind the leaders.

Americas GPL Match 119 Results

1. Maria Ho (LA Sunset) 7 points

2. Jason Mercier (New York Rounders 5 points

3. Byron Kaverman (Sao Paolo Mets) 3 points

4. Scott Ball (Las Vegas Moneymakers) 2 points

5. Kitty Kuo (San Fran Rush) 1 point

6. Xuan Liu (Montreal Nats) a bagel

Americas GPL Match 120 Results

1. Jason Mercier (New York Rounders) 7 points

2. Byron Kaverman (Sao Paulo Mets) 5 points

3. Maria Ho (LA Sunset) 3 points

4. Xuan Liu (Montreal Mets) 2 points

5. Kitty Kuo (San Fran Rush) 1 point

6. Scott Ball (Las Vegas Moneymakers) the bagel

Americas Standings

1. Montreal Nationals 147 points

2. LA Sunset 144 points

3. Sao Paulo Metropolitans 120 points

4. New York Rounders 120 points

5. San Francisco Rush 107 points

6. Las Vegas Moneymakers 97 points

In the Eurasia Conference, Hong Kong Stars Guo Dong went from zero to hero after finishing last in his first heat, and then winning the second. Dominik Nitsche won the first heat, beating Dario Sammartino in heads-up action to give the Berlin Bears some much-needed points, but the leaders, Moscow Wolverines put in a good performance with Igor Yaroshevsky picking up eight points with a third and a second.

Eurasia GPL Match 117 Results

1. Dominik Nitsche (Berlin Bears) 7 points

2. Dario Sammartino (Rome Emperors) 5 points

3. Igor Yaroshevsky (Moscow Wolverines) 3 points

4. Liv Boeree (London Royals) 2 points

5. Alexandre Luneau (Paris Aviators) 1 point

6. Guo Dong (Hong Kong Stars) the bagel

Eurasia GPL Match 118 Results 

1. Guo Dong (Hong Kong Stars) 7 points

2. Igor Yaroshevsky (Moscow Wolverines) 5 points

3. Alexandre Luneau (Paris Aviators) 3 points

4. Liv Boeree (London Royals) 2 points

5. Dominik Nitsche (Berlin Bears) 1 point

6. Dario Sammartino (Rome Emperors) the bagel

Eurasia Standings

1. Moscow Wolverines 130 points

2. London Royals 113 points

3. Hong Kong Stars 113 points

4. Paris Aviators 108 points

5. Rome Emperors 101 points

6. Berlin Bears 100 points

PStatTrack Release Cheap And Easy HUD 

With more and more online poker rooms changing their T&Cs to ban the use of third party software like Heads Up Displays (HUDs) you would think that the marketplace, so heavily dominated by PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager (HEM) would stay that way – but the population has just grown by one.

PStatTrack is the newest HUD on the market and comes with four standard settings: Basic, Semi, Advanced and Professional. Whereas most HUDs on the market are quite expensive, PStatTrack is the opposite at €2.99 per month. You can also download the Basic version for free, or trial the Professional version free of charge for a month.

The new HUD can be used for both No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE) and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) and is available for use on PokerStars and Full Tilt with a promise to evolve into the iPoker Network shortly. With HUDs almost certainly destined for the same place in heaven as the CD Player, if you are interested in using one then I would get for this one as it won’t leave a hole in your pocket and you won’t miss it when it’s gone.


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