GPL India announces online qualification schedule for Season 1

GPL India announces online qualification schedule for Season 1

PokerStars Team Pro, Muskan Sethi, has announced the online qualification stages of the forthcoming Global Poker League India, with the winners picking up five Platinum Passes for the PokerStars Player’s No-Limit Hold’em Championship.

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Today, Muskan Sethi, the newest member of Team Pro PokerStars, announced the next stages of the Global Poker League India (GPL India). The GPL website has changed. Players who want to qualify for the league can now apply on the new landing page.

GPL India: The Format 

GPL India consists of six teams and team managers:

The Delhi Diehards (Muskan Sethi)

The Kolkata Creators (Aditya Agarwal)

Pune Alphas (Abhishek Rathod)

Chennai Sharks (Vikram Kumar)

Mumbai Jetsetters (Kavin Shah)

Bengaluru Hackers (Vidwath Shetty)

Each manager chooses two wildcard entrants. Online qualifiers fight for their right to take two seats at the table.

The Qualifiers 

PokerStars.IN, in conjunction with Sachiko Gaming in India, will be the home of the online action. The first tranche of online qualifiers begin on June 25 and will run for six weeks. We will know the full lineups on 9 September.

For six weeks there will be a daily multi-table tournament (MTT) where the top ten finishers from each leg qualify for the GPL India Bootcamp. At Bootcamp, players will undergo quickfire interviews with PokerStars India Team Pros Sethi and Agarwal, as well as other GPL India Team Managers and the odd celebrity thrown in for good measure.

The judging panel award each player a starting stack ranging between 1k and 5k depending on their results during the interview, and they will then compete in Sit n Go’s with the top two finishers securing a place in their respective team.

The Season 1 GPL India Championship will award five Platinum Passes to the winning team giving them the opportunity to compete in the $25,000 buy-in PokerStars Player’s No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) in the Bahamas in January 2019 for the chance to win millions.

As Sethi points out in the press release, GPL India will be the first ‘long run poker league’ in the country after the premature ejaculative efforts of Poker Sports League (PSL) and Match Indian Poker League recently.

Here is the website.