Prop Betting: Super Bowl 50

Prop Betting: Super Bowl 50

Sure, you could bet on the actual football, but where’s the fun in that?

Prop Betting: Super Bowl 50Super Bowl 50 kicks off this Sunday and there will be millions of people watching because they’ve got something on the line. Whether you are betting at a casino in Las Vegas, through an online sportsbook or with your friends, almost everyone is wagering something on the Super Bowl.

The Carolina Panthers are currently listed as a 6-point favorite to win against the Denver Broncos but let’s set the traditional betting aside for a moment and go to a more exciting aspect of Super Bowl: the prop bets!

So courtesy of Bodog, here are some fun and a few silly props that you might want to wager on.

How many times will “dab” or “dabbing” be said by the announcers during the broadcast?

Over 2: even

Under 2: -140

It’s a craze sweeping the Carolinas and the world should be prepared to see lots of dabbin’ over the next few days. Even Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach dabbed like crazy at Super Bowl Opening Night. Plus if the Panthers win, the players, the fans, and the people who wagered on them including myself will more likely to dab than not. “Over” would be a smart move.

How many times will Cam Newton do the Open Shirt Superman motion during the game?

Over     2.5        (even, 1/1)

Under   2.5        (-140, 5/7)

This typically happen after Cam touchdowns or long runs so “under” is the play here.

Will Left Shark make an appearance during the halftime show?

Yes: +1,500

Left Shark became a cultural phenomenon since it took the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show last year. So I’m gonna say yes, as I would like to see them crashing at the Coldplay’s performance.

How many wings will Buffalo Wild Wings Sell on Super Bowl Day?

Over/Under                   12 million

The National Chicken Council released its annual “Wing Report” estimating how many chicken wings Americans will consume on Super Bowl. The number they came up was 1.3 billion. “Over” is the safer bet here.

If Stephen Curry is shown during the broadcast will he be wearing?

Personalized Steph Curry Panthers jersey: even

Cam Newton jersey: +300

Any other Carolina jersey: +500 No jersey: +200

Apparently, Golden State Warriors point guard has put an end to this debate. “I’m wearing an Under Armour t-shirt that is going to be specially made of me pounding the ‘Keep Pounding’ drum that is the Panthers’ tradition,” Curry said on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday.

Will Manning announce his retirement in a postgame interview?

Yes: +500

This could possibly be Peyton Manning‘s last game of his career but he’s not doing it after the Super Bowl. So it’s a”no” for me

Will Manning be shown crying at any point in the broadcast?

Yes: +600

No: -1,200

Again, this might be Manning’s last rodeo and he cried during the press conference when he left Indianapolis Colts in 2012. Also, The Book of Manning aired by ESPN showed that he was a crier when he was three. Okay, that wasn’t a good basis but I’m counting on Manning crying like a baby while the Panthers are dabbing.