Gambling site tells Malaysian Muslims they can have anal sex with live dealers

royal-fun-club-online-casino-videoA new video urging Malaysia’s Muslim citizens to gamble at an online casino suggests that the players can have anal sex with the site’s female live dealers.

On Friday, the Raykat Post published a link to a Facebook video promoting the Royal Fun Club ( online gambling site. The video urges Malaysia’s Muslim residents to visit the site due to their inability to enter the country’s only land-based casino, Genting Highlands.

Royal Fun Club, which offers a variety of Playtech’s RNG games in addition to its live dealer casino, holds an online gambling license issued by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation in the Philippines, and the video suggests that the site operates from Cambodia. Live dealer online casino operations have recently undergone a rapid expansion in Cambodia, particularly with Chinese companies in the Sihanoukville region.

Royal Fun Club’s video pitch to Muslims (viewable here and at the bottom of this page) simply must be seen to be believed. The Malaysian-language video (with English and Chinese subtitles) says it is “ridiculous” that Muslims aren’t allowed to gamble in casinos and poses a number of rhetorical questions, including “why can’t Muslims be rich,” “why are you still so poor” and “why can’t Muslims fuck huge titted chicks?” Why indeed…

The video wonders why Malaysia’s Muslims don’t feel ashamed when they “look at our Chinese friends having a luxurious life and driving big cars.” The video suggests that Malaysian leaders are getting rich gambling online via Royal Fun Club and encourages Muslims to get in on the action.

The video promises to connect punters with “hot, sexy and busty chicks from the Philippines and Cambodia” offering a wide variety of gambling options. In addition to an ample roster of dealers with “with busty boobs and ass,” Royal Fun Club claims it sometimes invites “Japanese porn stars” to deal cards in its casino. “So when you’ve won huge prize money, you can always make your way to Philippines and Cambodia and fuck them hard in their ass!”

The video surfaced shortly after Malaysia announced plans to amend its laws to give law enforcement more tools to combat online gambling, which is illegal for all residents, not just Muslims. But Royal Fun Club claims that “no Islamic Department officer will stop you” from logging on to the site because it employs the latest in online security technology “which prevents these bastards to create mess here.”

A police spokesperson told the Raykat Post that Royal Fun Club was on their “radar” and that investigations were underway. Given its OTT nature, we’re not entirely convinced that the video isn’t a false flag operation designed to gin up sufficient public outrage to ensure the government has wide support for its plans. Regardless, kudos to its creators.

A big thanks to MikiniHotNews.