Betsafe ad campaign tells punters it makes “good living at your expense”

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betsafe-no-bullshit-bettingOnline gambling firms have rolled out new marketing pitches to capitalize on the start of a new football season but Betsafe’s “No Bullshit Betting” campaign is in a league of its own.

Irish betting operator Paddy Power is the undisputed champion of cheeky marketing, yet its new ‘You’re Welcome’ campaign pales in comparison to promos released last month by the Malta-headquartered, UK-licensed Betsafe, a subsidiary of Nordic betting operator Betsson AB.

In the ad, viewable below, Betsafe’s female ‘boss’ casually strolls through a mix of hip-hop playas, Arab sheiks and other degen bettors straight outta central casting while brazenly informing punters that she makes “a good living … at your expense.” The pitch closes with a blunt assessment that punters “don’t have what it takes to beat [Betsafe] in the long run, because we’re in it to win it.”

Along the way, the taunt-cum-challenge points out that if winning was “so goddamn easy, how comes there’s always such a huge jackpot?” The pitch rubbishes “the typical bullshit” bonus offer, while acknowledging that Betsafe also dangles such lures, but only to remind punters that every next spin could win that massive jackpot, even though “it probably won’t.”

The spot was designed by Gothenburg-based CP&B Scandinavia, whose CEO Markus Lindsjö described the pitch’s target audience as punters “who don’t see themselves as the statistically average.” The intent is to get these punters to “attempt to prove [Betsafe] wrong.”

Betsafe’s actual boss Jeremy Taylor said the pitch was conceived as an antidote to punters who are “incredibly tired of being patronized.” These “ultimate players and thrill seekers … deserve the honesty that we give them.” And in exchange for this show of faith, Betsafe deserves these players’ money.


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