Real Money Sports tout Adam Meyer’s bail revoked after casino visit, drug cockups

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adam-meyer-real-money-sports-bail-revokedFormer sports betting tout Adam Meyer is back in jail after breaching the terms of his bail agreement.

Meyer, who headed up the Real Money Sports prediction service, was arrested in December and charged with federal extortion, fraud and weapons charges. Meyer stands accused of extorting over $25m from Wisconsin businessman Gary Sadoff, who claims Meyer threatened him with a pistol unless he gave Meyer more money.

Meyer was released on $1m bail after pleading not guilty in January but promptly failed four court-ordered drug tests. Meyer was subsequently ordered to enroll in an in-patient drug rehabilitation program but Meyer was ejected from this program last month after he was caught using a cellphone he’d smuggled into the facility. According to Gregory Haanstad, Assistant US Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Meyer also violated his bail conditions by visiting a Hard Rock casino in Florida, where Meyer lives.

At a Thursday bail hearing, the 43-year-old Meyer denied having visited the casino and claimed he hadn’t failed a drug test in six weeks. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that Meyer claimed he needed the cell phone to offer emotional support to his 18-year-old daughter and that he’d since been re-admitted to the treatment facility.

Meyer’s appeals were lost on US Magistrate Judge William Duffin, who said Meyer “blew it” after being “kicked out” of the rehab program. Duffin ordered Meyer’s bail revoked and US Marshalls immediately escorted Meyer out of the courthouse in handcuffs. Meyer will now await his trial in federal custody. No trial date has been set.


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