May 2, 2015: Biggest sports gambling day of the year

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May 2, 2015: Biggest sports gambling day of the yearMay 2, 2015 is shaping up to a big day in the world of sports and sports gambling, and I say that without a speck of hyperbole. We already know that the day will be dominated by the Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Manny Pacquiao fight. Sportsbooks are already preparing for that day three months in advance. That’s how big the fight is going to be.

But if you’re a sportsbook, you’re also probably sweating at the amount of work you’ll be doing that day. If the fight isn’t already reason enough to keep your head spinning throughout the day, the fact that a number of other sporting events will happen on that same day might cause a lot of heads to explode.

Believe me. I checked the calendars of a lot of sports leagues and sports happenings for that day and as it turns out, all you sports fans who love to gamble might need to prepared your divorce papers, too. I honestly don’t know how you can spend more than an hour away from your TVs with what’s on tap. But if you somehow find a way to finagle your way into an agreement with your wife, girlfriend, or partner, enjoy this day because it doesn’t happen very often.

Not counting the fight for obvious reasons, here are the other sporting events happening on May 2, 2015, otherwise known as “Sportmaggedon”.

NBA/NHL Playoffs

At this time of the year, both the NBA and NHL playoffs are already in full swing. The NHL playoffs start a week earlier than the NBA, April 11 to April 18, so you could be watching a bunch of second round games on that end. As for the NBA playoffs? Early May is usually when a bunch of first round Game7s happen. In case you need a refresher, there were three – THREE! – Game 7 games that were played in May 3, 2014. If any of these first round series goes to seven games, there’s a reasonable chance that some of them, maybe even all of them, will be played on May 2.

European football conclusion

In case you’re wondering, Sportmaggedon is an equal-opportunity phenomenon that will likely alter the sports-viewing landscape on May 2 all over the world. It’s particularly evident in Europe where some of the biggest domestic leagues will be at the tail end of their seasons, which only means one thing: title races!

The English Premier League, for instance, has a doozy of a schedule on that day, highlighted by a Manchester City – Tottenham game that could have far-reaching implications on who wins the title this year.

Red Sox-Yankees,  anyone?

Any baseball fan will tell you that no matter where your allegiance lies, a game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees still counts as must-see TV. Lo and behold, the two teams are scheduled to play each other on…May 2! Can this get any better?

Yes. Yes it can.

The Kentucky Derby

You really have to feel bad for the Kentucky Derby. In any other year, the Kentucky Derby usually dominates the headlines on the Sunday that it’s held. This year, it’s scheduled to take place on May 2, 2015. Despite the plethora of playoff games, late-season football matches, and baseball rivalries, the Derby is still going to get its share of attention, largely because it’s the most prestigious horse racing event in the US.

Unfortunately, even the Derby now has to take a backseat to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

Honorable Mention:

The NFL Draft – It’s not really a sporting event in it of itself, but since it involves the NFL, a lot of eyeballs will still be glued to the NFL Draft. Fortunately, the draft would be on its third day on May 2, which means that it would be in the later rounds. That said, don’t sleep on hardcore fans of the league to keep watching it.


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