Interview with Akamon COO Montse Puig

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Becky Liggero talks to Montse Puig, COO of Akamon and she shares how they actually mimicked the land-based bingo parlors that are seen in Spain and Latin America in their social bingo product.

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Becky Liggero: I am here today with Montse Puig, COO of Akamon, which is a social gaming company with a focus in Spain and Latin America. Let’s talk about your social bingo product. How do you actually mimic the land-base bingo parlors that we see in Spain and Latin America in your online product.

Montse Puig: So basically, we just went to land-base casinos and we observe the behavior of the users. So if you go to land-base casino, you can imagine those ladies with those fashionable jewelries, clothes, hair and everything. So we said okay, let’s first develop the basic mechanic of the game and provide opportunity for the user through their avatar to design their clothes, to buy whatever they want occasional or luxury if they want. then when those people go to a land-base bingo, they find their friends or they go there together with their friends.If you went to our bingo and play with our bingo, you will see not only you but also all the other people playing together with you. They are not just there but they also talk to each other. so introduce the chat so that you could talk to each other. So this is basically all the mechanics, all the features that we are constantly adding and if it’s Valentines Day we decorate a little room for Valentines features and so on and so forth.

Becky Liggero: Can you tell me the difference between the social bingo behavior that you see in Spain versus Latin America. Let’s zoom maybe in Mexico and Brazil.

Montse Puig: In Latin America, it’s much easier to lower customer acquisition costs and in Europe, it is much easier to increase lifetime value. Why? Because in Latin America, acquisition costs are lower but those countries are more viral. They like to invite their friends more than in Latin America. They like to show and share everything with their friends more than in Europe. So you acquire paying one customer or gamer and they will bring many others. Whereas in Europe, that factor is not that high and we have to work more on increasing lifetime value. so people in Europe pay more money. So those are the main two combinations on how we approach the same game in a different locations.

Becky Liggero: Super interesting. Thank you for joining me today.


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