The Poker Community Helps Spread ALS Awareness With the Ice Bucket Challenge

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The poker community helps spread ALS awareness after the viral Ice Bucket epidemic makes its way into poker circles.

The Poker Community Helps Spread ALS Awareness With the Ice Bucket ChallengeWhy do you love poker so much?

Is it the game?

Is it the challenge?

Is it the money?

I would argue that it’s the community.

We really do live in a little bubble that exists just outside the periphery of the real world. Some poker players call non-poker players Muggles. They can’t see us. They don’t realize that we exist.

But all of that is changing due to an idea to raise awareness for the ALS Association known as the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge.’

I am going to assume that you know what the Ice Bucket Challenge is. If you don’t then HELLO!

Where the hell have you been man?

The ALS Association is a non-profit organization established in 1985 to help raise awareness, and money, to combat Lou Gehrig’s disease (a motor neurone disease).

Think Stephen Hawking and you get a more visual picture of what ALS is all about.

It’s times like these when you realize that the poker community is like a little family. As each person takes the ice bucket challenge it’s great to see that they are then nominating other members of the poker community to do likewise.

Here are a few of my fave poker related ice bucket challenges thus far, with Adam Pliska’s winning my gold star award for the most imaginative and funniest of the lot.

Who do you want to see take the ice bucket challenge?

Adam Pliska

Dan Bilzerian

Phil Hellmuth

Fatima Moreira de Melo


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