Kara Scott: An Annual Review

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Kara Scott: An Annual Review Audio

I have interviewed Kara Scott on many occasions and can attest to the fact that she is one of the most successful people in the game. When she sets her heart on something, the universe generally conspires to provide her with what she wants.

Kara Scott: An Annual Review

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Scott has a plethora of different roles in the organization, and she loves each and every one of them. So did it all come together as a result of a specific goal setting strategy, or his she just hitting one outers all over the place?

“I used to be very big on setting goals; getting through schools what I wanted to achieve, and where I wanted to go in my career. Then I became an adult and learned that life just doesn’t work that way. These days I prefer to be flexible and see where the universe takes me, and adapt to the environment that I am in and take the opportunities that arise around me.”

So no specific goal setting ritual, but what were the highlights of 2013 for Kara Scott?

“I was asked to help out at a private, very secretive, charity event in the States with some incredible people. I can’t talk about the details, but I met some amazing people who have high positions in society and are great at what they do. People who have positions in Hollywood, politics and huge charitable foundations, and being able to talk to them and make connections was a great opportunity for me.

“I was also like a puppy that didn’t have a home, but finally settled in Italy this year. Being more stable was a goal of mine. I wanted a home base – a nest – somewhere you could fly out from and return to. I wanted my books, my clothes – my everything – in a home of mine. So that was an extremely important moment for me.”

As always it’s extremely difficult to quantify a poker player’s results, but Scott’s game certainly seems to have improved this year, and she has made some impressive deep runs. So, how has 2013 been in terms of poker?

“Certainly better than last year, but it’s such a small sample size. I have played around 10-11 tournaments over £1,500 and I have reached the last two tables in three of those, but that’s such a small sample size and I’m not sure if that says anything about my poker game or just variance?

“I know where my leaks are and one of them is when I play tournaments straight after my presenting work. I get so tired and have to learn to manage this better. The other week I did the PartyPoker Premier League and then had to play Day 1A and Day 1B of WPT Montreal and played terribly. I just collapsed because my head was jus burned out. It was embarrassing because I was sat at a table with all these great players and just played atrociously.”

Looking ahead, what are Scott’s plans for 2014?

“This will be the year that I become conversationally fluent in Italian. It’s really difficult to make friends if you don’t know the language and I’m a very sociable person. I like community and if you don’t speak the language in the country you live in, you can feel so isolated. So that’s my main goal and it will happen.”

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