Progress in New York gives casino expansion plans some traction

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andrew_cuomoIf what we’ve seen in New York in the past few months is any indication, governor Andrew Cuomo is a pretty determined man. His gambling plans may have changed a couple of times in the past, but the man is putting in the work to set the table for casino expansion in the state.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks, opposition from Indian nations, have seemingly been cleared out after Cuomo signed deals with three tribes – the Oneidas, the St. Regis Mohawks, and the Senecas – that would protect their casinos from new competition with an added revenue-sharing element to boot.

Even in the face of scrutiny and opposition, Cuomo continues to work his way around the prospective obstacles, even if it meant swallowing his pride and tabling the proposal out of concern that city voters still aren’t ready to green light his proposals to expand casinos in the state. Instead of furring his eyebrows and cursing to high heavens, the governor has been pro-active in paving a smoother road for the casino referendum to travel on.

The deal with the Indian nations was a huge step. But it wasn’t – and won’t be – the only one. The bill also now has a new provision that would expand gambling in the state even if the casino expansion plans falls by the wayside. The new provision indicates that video slot machines can still be authorized in the New York City’s outer boroughs and up to four sites upstate.

Whether the new developments swing confidence in the state’s favor is still a matter of discussion. But Cuomo’s plans to expand casino gambling in New York is dramatic to say the least. The governor intends to authorize “up to seven” gaming establishments throughout the state, including three destination casinos in New York.

But for what it’s worth, governor Cuomo’s persistence to to see this bill through shows the conviction he has in seeing through his casino expansion plans in the state. Negotiations between the governor and legislative leaders will undoubtedly be more heated in the coming months.

But one thing has become certain: you can’t say that Governor Cuomo is lacking in drive and determination.


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