The Sports Betting Diaries: Jesse May

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The Sports Betting Diaries: Jesse May Audio

jesse-may-sports-betting-diaries-audio-ld-interviewIt was great to see Jesse May honored at the European Poker Awards, last year, when he won the Lifetime Achievement award in Paris. May is an entertainer who has the incredible ability of making the mundane and morose seem mind blowing. He has been the voice of poker on too many poker shows to mention. But some of my personal highlights are his appearances on the iconic Late Night Poker, and his tireless efforts on the World Poker Tour (WPT) Final Table live streams throughout the past few seasons.

The artistic American doesn’t just talk a good game either. May is one of the old school. A man who has somehow managed to beg, steal and borrow his way through a gambling career that has rarely seen him live a day without having some form of action. With May, it’s a case of what you see is what you get. He’s a man who has an opinion and will gladly share it. A trait that is very rare to find in today’s conservative and humdrum world.

We managed to catch up with May as he relaxed at his home in Copenhagen, Denmark where he lives with his wife Mickey.

Welcome to the sports betting diaries Mr. Jesse May.


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