Betting Promotion provides services to former IGT / Entraction clients

betting promotion

Following the decision made by IGT to close down its Entraction Poker Network and associated services, a number of clients have turned to Betting Promotion for their services. One such client, Cardbet, has recently agreed terms.

Cardbet, will be migrating its sports betting offering to utilise Betting Promotion’s BET POWER product. Richard Hogg, CMO of Betting Promotion, revealed that under the terms of the agreement Betting Promotion will be responsible managing the odds on all markets and events along with full risk management allowing the operator to focus on their core business. Erik Skarp, representing, commented, “Betting Promotion came to us highly recommended and after evaluating other solutions we quickly understood that the BET POWER solution was ideal for our requirements and the only solution available to give us a different offering from potential competitors in our market. In a competitive market our customers understand the pricing we have on our sportsbook so it is important we are seen to be offering highly competitive odds which is different to others and this is something we feel Betting Promotion is able to offer.”


BETTINGPROMOTION makes markets, manages risk and provides liquidity for bookmakers and betting exchanges. Actively trading in sports since 2003, Betting Promotion have a proven track record providing a tailored service of bespoke prices at any specified margin. Betting Promotion provides this service via their two products: BETPUSH for a fixed monthly fee and BETPOWER on a risk free profit share model. Trading up to €1 billion annually, Betting Promotion creates thousands of markets for sporting events both pre-live and live, including over 2,500 live soccer matches a month.