Seized Blue Monday online gambling domain names put up for sale


blue-monday-online-gambling-domains-saleIt’s now officially September, meaning Christmas is less than four months away, and if you’re stuck for ideas as to what to get the online gambling executive who has everything, why not consider a nice .com online gambling domain? (Beats a sweater, any day.) As initially reported by, nine domains that were seized by the US Department of Justice on May 23, 2011 (aka Blue Monday) have been put back on the block, although it’s still not clear who’ll actually be profiting from their sale. The domains up for grabs are,,,,,,, and

Prior to this weekend, visitors to these sites would be greeted by a DoJ/Homeland Security seizure notice, but the sites now contain the following message: “This domain name is currently available for acquisition. Contact [email protected]”. The site consists entirely of the same email link and a barebones raison d’être as “a service for recycling intellectual property assets with a value to the emerging licensed US iGaming industry, as well as to Int’l markets.”

The domains are now registered to Las Vegas-based US Poker Marketing Affiliate LLC, which lists the email contact of gaming attorney David Gzesh, the former CEO of TruePoker and former president of the Yatahay poker network (rebranded in January as the Winning Poker Network). For some reason,, which was also seized that fateful day in May, still has the seizure notice up, which we assume means the McDonalds hamburger chain is still pissed about being associated with an online gambling business.

It will be interesting to see what sort of bids these domains attract, and who bids on them. Bookmaker would appear to be the prize pig in this poke, but perhaps principals Paul Lavers and Joe MacDonald will pay top dollar for, Covers’ formerly #1 rated sportsbook, in which it’s believed Lavers and MacDonald maintained a beneficial interest – benefits that weren’t extended to BetEd’s players, whose deposits vanished in the wake of Blue Monday. Then again, perhaps MacDonald (Joe, not Ronald) has a sentimental spot for that Goldenarchcasino thing. Word to the wise: if, in the coming months, you happen to come across a new sports betting site called, we suspect you’ll find the product indigestible.