Bodog Model makes latest addition

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bodog logo reviewBodog has continued its shake up of the online poker industry by releasing the latest strand of its revolutionary Recreational Poker Model. Bringing in player notes is one of a number of additions the firm is bringing to its game-changing poker technology. Player notes will mean whilst having fun you can take down some vital info on the player sitting opposite you as long as they are still sitting there.

Some will straight-off-the-bat point to this being a new string for the bow of the notorious data-mining sites that populate the murky depths of the industry. This simply isn’t the case. You can’t make reams of notes on every single player and save them for later. Once a player leaves a table all their notes are gone and the same goes when another person leaves – your notes on them disappear. Critics will argue that by simply taking a screen shot of the page or writing notes down on a piece of paper you can bypass this. You can do this but we’re not entirely sure of the merits of sitting taking notes and screenshots all day and night. The words pin and eyeballs comes to mind.

After announcing the release, Jonas Odman, VP of Bodog Poker Network and as such one of the key drivers of what has become known as the Bodog Model, said: “The Bodog Recreational Poker Model is providing us with a very clear section of the market that has been neglected to date but that doesn’t mean we are not listening to what our players want. This latest release is a testament to that and we have plenty more in the pipeline as well as opening up the tables to Asian players in the very near future.”

Player notes are there for players to take notes on their opponent’s style of play to improve themselves. Much the same as if you take note of another person’s play on a video game or the way another person writes. It’s a unique factor that could drive players to use Bodog’s recreational tables above anyone else and continues to drive the fun element the Bodog model is all about.


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