New York casino bill receives mayoral support

Michael Bloomberg

Michael BloombergNew York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has given backing to the introduction of a new casino business in the city. While much of the country is understandably getting over-excited at the prospect of online gambling industry legalization, the mayor gave backing to plans put forward by Governor Cuomo earlier this year that would see casino business touch down in the state.

Bloomberg told the New York Daily News: “The governor has the problem of trying to come up with ways to provide the services that people want and are getting harder and harder to afford — and whatever he decides to do, we’ll be supporting him.”

The mayor is no mug though and will only be in support of the plans if the city gets a fair deal.

“I just want to make sure that if there is gambling, some of those revenues come to New York City. We need the revenues as well, just like every other part of the state,” he added.

After Cuomo has finished up his tribute dance to Bloomberg, preparation will get underway for his State of the State address on January 4th. In this it’s expected he’ll call on the legislature to approve the first of two measures to advance the cause of casinos in the state – something that has been a thorny issue for some time.

Bloomberg has come a long way in a short time. It was just September when he confessed “I’ve never really liked gambling” and that it’s “regressive.” Maybe Mr Big Shot’s had Christmas to realize just how good gambling venues can be at the heart of some communities and that they act as a meeting place for many.

New York has been looking at gambling expansion ever since their sporting rivalry with Pennsylvania developed into a “we want our gambling dollars back” rivalry earlier this year. The bill could allow as many as two casinos inside the city.