Weekly Poll results


bodogIt’s been quite a few weeks now since Bodog shook up the poker industry with the release of its Bodog recreational poker model by launching new poker software. Unless you’ve been away with the fairies since the announcement, you’ll know Bodog removed all identifying data from their poker room making their tables completely anonymous. This removes any unfair artificial advantage a player may have over another.

Vice President of Bodog Network , Jonas Ödman, considers this latest move to be an “industry game changer”, as well as providing players with some of the best software in the business. So is it likely Bodog will pave the way for other poker networks in time to come?

In one of our features last week, he said: “The only way to grow poker is to attract more recreational players and to give them a good player experience. That is what Bodog Recreation Poker Model is all about, and November’s software release was a big step in the right direction.”

Do people in the industry agree? Well, we figured what better way to find out than by polling our readers with the question: Will another online poker operator go completely anonymous in the next 6 months?

It seems the results were pretty much split down the middle. Just over half of you – with 54% of the votes – said “Yes”. 45% of you said “No”, going to show that anonymous tables are an incredibly divisive issue in the gambling industry. It’s just like Marmite – some people love it, some people hate it. Although saying that, the results did swing more to yes – so for those of you that do think another poker operator will go anon in the next six months –  who do you think it will be?