Weekly Poll Results


epic-poker-league-annie-dukeThe Epic Poker League exploded onto the scene and quickly became known in the poker world. The timing was rather convenient and to many in the poker scene, it was a breath of fresh air. The league became truly official after dealing with its first scandal and Annie Duke has proven to be a strong commissioner for the League. But those are my thoughts, what say you?

We polled our viewers and asked them “What do you think about the Epic Poker League?” Here are the results:

51 percent of our respondents weren’t all that impressed and felt that “It’s just another Poker Tour.”

21 percent said “it’s good, I hope it succeeds.”

18 percent said “I’ll judge it after a few more events”

And 10 percent were like me, hyping it, saying “It’s great! Just what Poker needs.”

As I said before, the timing was right for Epic Poker. Despite thoughts that Black Friday had disrupted the relationship between TV networks and online poker companies, Epic Poker was able to secure its own TV deal with CBS’ Velocity Network, which given the target demographic of the network, is a perfect fit.